November 1, 2012

Why Do Mainstream Media Outlets Try To Spread Anti-Marijuana Propaganda?

November 1, 2012
Reefer Madness

statesman journal oregon marijuanaThe Statesman Journal’s Reefer Madness

The Statesman Journal, a daily newspaper out of Salem, Oregon, has released their editorial opposing Measure 80, Oregon’s attempt to end the failed policy of cannabis prohibition.  Like The OregonianThe Statesman Journalseems to be infected with Reefer Madness, adhering to debunked theories and taking the word of law enforcement officials as gospel, instead of depending upon scientific evidence and facts.  You can read their editorial here.

I encourage you to add your comments as well because the news publication (and many news publications) need to be educated about the importance of relying upon facts and science instead of depending upon debunked propaganda.  My response:

Richard Nixon’s National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse did indeed recommend ending marijuana prohibition and adopting other methods to discourage use. The RAND Corporation study of the “gateway theory” certainly didn’t declare the theory “accurate” like your news publication irresponsibly claims.

Further, can you please list the scientific study that declared marijuana addictive and not just rely upon what law enforcement officials happened to say this week? And which law enforcement officials are you referring to? You clearly aren’t listening to decorated officers like Neil Franklin and Jack Cole who spent years fighting the Drug War only to eventually realize that prohibition is the real problem.

If you are truly concerned about marijuana use among minors, which can hinder their brain development, then you should support regulating marijuana, instead of supporting the status quo. Teens report that marijuana is easier to obtain than alcohol and cigarettes and this will not change under the status quo. Only by ending cannabis prohibition, just like we did with alcohol, will we be able to implement proper policies and programs to prevent use among minors. By supporting the status quo, you only support the underground market that enriches criminal cartels (today’s Al Capone) and endangers our youth.

If you want less children using marijuana, then support ending marijuana prohibition. Vote YES on Measure 80.

Republished with special permission from the National Cannabis Coalition


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