September 14, 2014

Wife Of Leading Oregon Marijuana Opponent Wants To Grow Legal Marijuana

September 14, 2014
josh marquis oregon marijuana

This last week there was a fantastic debate between United States Representative Earl Blumenauer (for) and Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis (against). The topic of the debate was Oregon Measure 91, which would legalize marijuana in Oregon if approved by voters in November. As always, I was not able to attend the debate because I was stuck in my cubicle, but fortunately valued contributor to The Weed Blog Russ Belville was there to capture video of the debate, which can be seen below. Please consider making a donation to Russ so he can keep doing his great work, and I can keep living vicariously through his activism!

I followed the debate on Twitter, and was blown away when I saw OPB’s Chris Lehman tweet the following:

Marquis says his wife is in favor of #marijuana legalization & could probably grow some “awesome weed” if given the chance. #orpol

Josh Marquis is the face of the opposition in Oregon right now, leading the anti-marijuana movement during this election. It must be hard for him to keep his composure knowing that his own wife doesn’t agree with his anti-marijuana views. Watch the video below to see the debate. If Josh Marquis is the best the opposition has to offer for debates like this one, they are doomed.


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