September 19, 2012

Will Marijuana Laws Be Discussed At The Oct 3rd Presidential Debate?

September 19, 2012
obama romney marijuana

obama romney marijuanaFirst Presidential Debate Oct 3rd: Will Marijuana Laws Be Discussed

by Scrog Betty

As the first American debate is scheduled to occur on October 3, 2012, the American electorate will be able to, for the first time here with a presidential candidates truly think, and what their plans for America’s future looks like. Important matters like the economy, foreign-policy, job creation, and from my standpoint one of the more in port issues… Healthcare and how that relates to medical marijuana.

These topics and more will all be discussed at great length or least the American public hope so. As the United States struggles for clarity and direction many Americans feel as though we are adrift in the vast ocean of confusion, regarding many of these long-standing problems. With Americans still searching for work and struggling to survive, we sit and watch as the Arab spring lights up the Middle East, brimming with animosity towards the United States and our collective interests.

While both president Obama and Mitt Romney has struggled mightily to avoid any type of in-depth discussion on medical marijuana and states 10th amendment rights. The debate to be held October 3 will most certainly hit on many of the high points of these issues. Yet, the one remaining question is whether or not they will actually discuss, in a serious and thoughtful manner… Marijuana legalization. When properly analyzed the marijuana topic has tentacles which reach into all of the above mentioned issues.

As recent stories pointed out medical marijuana support is incredibly high in many of the battleground states including Colorado, which just so happens to be the location for the October 3 presidential debate. Colorado is clearly not the only state which holds President Barack Obama’s future in their hands. Presently there are a total of 17 states – including the District of Columbia where Americans; including judges, lawyers, and doctors can benefit from state sanctioned medical marijuana programs. So get ready Arkansas, Oregon, and Missouri…it’s your turn to vote next, this coming November on marijuana reform laws.

Once the prohibition against marijuana has finally been put to bed by the American voters, allowing for marijuana to become a commodity which is traded and regulated throughout the United States, hemp and all of its uses will then thrive within the US industrial market. During our recessionary moment in history, hemp will be seeding millions of jobs throughout the US, while doing away with the need of importing expensive hemp.

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