December 29, 2011

Will Michigan Legalize Marijuana In 2012?

December 29, 2011
michigan medical marijuana hb 4271

michigan marijuanaWill Michigan Join States Like Washington On Election Day To Vote On Marijuana Legalization?

A state-wide committee of Michigan parents, students, lawyers, law enforcers, health care professionals and many others with a wide range of backgrounds from every corner of Michigan (Repeal Today For A Safer Michigan 2012) wants to put marijuana legalization on the 2012 Michigan ballot. The organization has been based and working out of the office building of well known Michigan Cannabis attorney Matthew Abel in Detroit, who also serves as the Campaign Director for this effort. This is the same state that hosts the annual Hash Bash which is an AMAZING event. obtained “a draft version of the petition that seeks to amend the Michigan Constitution, making marijuana legal for people 21 and older.”

A Petition to amend the Michigan Constitution Article 1, to add:
Article 1 Section 28. Repeal of Marihuana Prohibition.
For persons at least 21 years of age who are not incarcerated, marihuana cultivation, possession, bodily internal possession, sale, acquisition, transfer, delivery, transportation, religious, medical or personal use, or possession or use of paraphernalia shall not be prohibited, abridged, or penalized in any manner; nor subject to civil forfeiture; provided that no person shall be allowed to operate a motor vehicle while impaired by any substance.

More than 322,000 signatures are needed to put the question on the Michigan ballot in 2012. So what’s the scoop Michigan?! Are you looking to get active? Are you looking to get some signatures? Here are some good places to get started for volunteer opportunities:

Michigan Norml

Michigan Americans for Safe Access

Michigan Marijuana Policy Project

Michigan Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Michigan Medical Marijuana Association

Repeal Today For A Safer Michigan 2012

Can you imagine if on Election Day multiple states passed marijuana legalization. With California’s Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative, Washington’s I-502, Oregon’s multiple attempts at marijuana reform initiatives in 2012, and Colorado’s Legalize 2012 ambitions, it’s possible! There are other states trying to do similar pursuits as well, but progress has been mixed. This is your time Michigan. Get out there and get some signatures. If‘s poll is any indication, the public opinion is on your side (85% approve, 13% disapprove, 2% undecided, 2085 votes at the time of this writing).


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