November 7, 2012

Will Obama Be More Marijuana Friendly After His Re-Election?

November 7, 2012
obama medical marijuana enforcement

obama medical marijuanaMarijuana Activists Across America Are Anxious To See What A Second Term For Obama Means For Marijuana Policy

Marijuana is now legal in Washington State and Colorado. Massachusetts became the 18th state to legalize medical marijuana yesterday. In every measurable way marijuana reform is gaining steam, and is here to stay. So what does that mean to Barack Obama? Will he recognize this momentum and get on board (or at the least get out of the way)? Will he FINALLY make good on his campaign promises from 2008? Or will we see an Obama administration that continues to cling to marijuana prohibition and continues to raid state medical marijuana programs at a record pace?

Traditionally, presidents don’t do everything that they want to in their first term because they know that they eventually will have to face re-election. Was that the case with Obama during his first term? Did he originally want to pursue marijuana reform, yet flip flopped for fear that it might hurt his re-election chances? I was kind of hoping that Obama lost Colorado, yet won the overall election, so that he would have to be faced with the fact that he angered a lot of people there within the medical marijuana community with his policies.

Asking TWB readers – what do you expect out of Obama’s second term in regards to marijuana policy? Will he keep fighting medical marijuana, in addition to trying to fight two state’s with legal marijuana? Or will he finally accept that the winds of change are upon us, and respect the will of the people? Did you vote against Obama hoping to send him a message? If so, do you think he got that message? Did you vote for Obama, hoping that he would change his tune during his second term? If so, what makes you think that? I look forward to your responses.


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