November 16, 2012

Will Old Obama Marijuana Decriminalization Video Come Back To Haunt Him?

November 16, 2012
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barack obama medical marijuanaA Video From 2004 Showing Obama Arguing In Favor Of Marijuana Decriminalization Is Getting New Attention

I have been seeing an old video getting new attention on ‘traditional’ political websites. It seems that ever since Colorado and Washington State legalized marijuana, political pundits and analysts have been scrambling to fit their head around the issue. I couldn’t be more delighted, as I’ve been waiting for the political world to discover marijuana politics for years now. What other single policy issue touches on so many areas – economics, criminal justice, health, etc.

The big question working it’s way around the net right now is ‘will this video come back to haunt Obama?’ I think just about every marijuana activist in America would answer ‘no.’ This video has been out for a long, long time, and has already been seen by who knows how many people. I watched it a lot during the 2008 campaign, foolishly hoping it would mean something if Obama won. Sadly, after seeing Obama flip flop on medical marijuana, and laugh at and duck a question about marijuana legalization more than once during his re-election campaign, it’s pretty obvious that he could care less what he said in 2004. Maybe he changes his mind now that he won’t face re-election, but I doubt it.

I once heard Chris Lindsey from Montana explain that the same month the federal DOJ issued a memo saying it would respect state medical marijuana laws, the feds ordered an investigation into his COMPLETELY LEGAL medical marijuana operation. Mr. Lindsey is an attorney, and knew the Montana law inside and out, and followed it to the letter as directed by Obama’s memo. Mr. Lindsey and his business partners now face a decades in prison. The only thing that will come back to haunt Obama is his own conscience when he realizes the lives he has ruined with his policies.


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