October 17, 2012

Willamette Week Endorses Measure 80, An End To Cannabis Prohibition

October 17, 2012
oregon cannabis tax act octa 2012

oregon cannabis tax act octa 2012Portland Area Newspaper Endorses Oregon Initiative To End Marijuana Prohibition

Portland, Oregon’s biggest alternative weekly, The Willamette Week, endorses Measure 80, urging Oregon voters to end the failed and harmful policy of cannabis prohibition.  Of course, the weekly had to include a picture poking fun of the measure (anyone familiar with Portland’s alternative weeklies know that despite their usual support of cannabis law reform, they can’t help but poke fun at the issue with a pun for a headline or a funny picture.)  Despite the unnecessary puns and jokes, it is great to see that Portland residents have a news publication not infected by Reefer Madness like the city’s daily newspaper.

From The Willamette Week’s endorsement:

Measure 80 is the first Oregon ballot measure in 26 years that puts the question of legalizing marijuana in the state back in front of voters. It’s about time.


The measure is flawed—lawmakers will have to fix provisions, and it may not survive a test in court because of the way it could conflict with federal drug laws. It would also create an Oregon Cannabis Commission stacked with marijuana growers—not a great idea.

But passage will force lawmakers to confront reality. No one benefits—least of all the state coffers—from the prosecution of otherwise law-abiding citizens who use a drug that is already in wide circulation.

No proposal ending cannabis prohibition is perfect or will be perfect.  Despite their flaws, however, they will be a huge step forward over the status quo of prohibition.  Oregonians, please vote “YES” on Measure 80.

willamette week oregon measure 80 endorsement

Republished with the special permission of the National Cannabis Coalition


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