Wisconsin Political Candidate Calls for Marijuana Reform


Earlier today I was looking at politician’s websites, and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to draw more attention to one particular candidate. His name is Jay Selthofner; you might recognize him from his blog comments on TWB. He’s a great candidate, and I sure hope he gets the support he needs because he certainly deserves it. Rather than tell you what he’s about, I thought it would be better to just copy and paste his own words from his campaign website below:

Jay Selthofner is running for Wisconsin State Assembly in District 41. The State Assembly position is one of the most important in Wisconsin. Communication, networking and leadership skills are vital for this type of position. Acting as the voice and ears of their districts, representatives should introduce and vote on legislation based on the will of people. I am running on a platform of legalizing hemp and cannabis, but that is not the only thing that I stand for. If elected, I will champion and work just has hard on any issue which my district tells me that it supports.

I have focused on the hemp cannabis marijuana issue because it addresses several areas of overall concern within one conversation. Marijuana law reform is supported by the general public, and in the course of my work in the district over the past year I have found overwhelming support for the issue from all types of people from all walks of life, each with a unique story and viewpoint on the matter.

The drug war can be linked to many very serious problems, both social and economical. We could address so many problems in our society, while bringing jobs to many different sectors, simply by discussing and ultimately changing the un-just drug laws that are currently in place.

The Economy

Given the current economic and environmental crises, Jay believes that Wisconsin should go green by allowing the cultivation of Industrial Hemp, Medical Marijuana, and Recreational Cannabis.

Job Creation

Growing Industrial Hemp, Medical Marijuana, and Recreational Cannabis, would all be great ways to create new jobs. Not only for farmers, but for salesmen, regulators, equipment manufacturers, artisans, and many other related industries. Look at the economy page to see examples of products that can be made with hemp, and just imagine all of the people who would be needed to make and sell all of these products!

Industrial Hemp

Hemp could provide a huge economic boost, reduce fossil fuel use, and benefit us in so many other ways. Let's get growing!

Medical Marijuana

We need to treat sick and dying patients with compassion and respect. Most pain medications are organ damaging, addictive, and have a huge number of side effects. Medical Marijuana can help with pain relief, depression, anxiety, nausea, Parkinsons Disease, and more. People with very serious illnesses, and severe pain, can find relief with medical marijuana.

Recreational Cannabis

The responsible use of recreational cannabis by legal adults who are acting in a safe and responsible manner should not be subject to penalty. We need to decriminalize marijuana for personal recreational use by responsible adults, in the interest of fairness, personal freedom, and compassion.

Land Conservation

Planting industrial hemp is a great way to remove toxins from polluted land, and has been successfully used to purify water and marsh areas.


As a father of 3 and a concerned citizen, the highest possible quality of education is of the utmost importance to Jay. He has tried to do his part to educate the public about hemp cannabis and related topics by organizing such events as the THC Tour, which made stops in several Wisconsin cities and featured speakers from LEAP and other agencies.

The Deer Herd and Hemp

Jay feels that our state's deer herd would benefit greatly from having Industrial hemp grown in our state. Hemp is full of Omega 3 and other beneficial fatty oils, a great source of nutrition for our deer and other wildlife.

Now that’s a politician I can get on board with. To all TWB readers in the Wisconsin area, VOTE FOR JAY SELTHOFNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!