May 10, 2012

Women Shouldn’t Spend Mother’s Day In Jail Because Of Failed Drug Policies

May 10, 2012
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Go to jailSign Petition In Support Of Moms And Kids Kept Apart By The War On Drugs

Mother’s Day is approaching, and we can’t help but think of the women who will spend May 13 in a prison cell missing their children. Those children are growing up without their mothers because of the “war on drugs.” As moms, law enforcers and speakers for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, this is an issue close to our hearts. Our current policy of waging war on people who need help is having a disastrous effect on families, especially children.

What if we tried a different approach? What if, when someone needed help, instead of throwing them in a cage and saying to their children, “We give up on you,” we helped that person to get treatment and become a productive member of society? People talk about the messages we would send to our children if we tried legalization. What if the message was, “We care about you”? We want children to look positively upon society, including law enforcement, and have a decent chance at a good life.

If we stop arresting and incarcerating drug users, think of the number of children who would have the chance to look upon their parents as positive role models instead of having parents who are absent because they are incarcerated. We have a moral and ethical obligation to give these children a better chance in life by allowing parents to take care of their families. These parents should have the opportunity to become the productive members of society and role models to their children that they want to be and that their children need and deserve.

LEAP advocates for a more rational, ethical and compassionate drug policy. We know nonviolent drug offenders do not belong behind bars, and we believe in treating drug abuse or addiction as a public health issue, not a legal problem. That’s why we are so proud to announce the Cops and Moms Alliance, a partnership of LEAP, NORML Women’s Alliance, Families for Justice as Healing, Moms United to End the War on Drugs and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Cops and moms are joining together to call for an end to drug prohibition and voice our support for the women and children suffering because of this unjust policy. Cops and Moms events took place all over the U.S. this week, featuring demonstrations in support of the women who will spend Mother’s Day behind bars.

Please take a moment to sign our petition in support of the moms and children who will spend Mother’s Day kept apart by the “war on drugs.”


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