January 16, 2013

Young Adults Encouraged To Enroll In Drug Policy E-Course

January 16, 2013
war on drugs

drug policy e-course youth riseYouth RISE is pleased to launch its drug policy e-course in collaboration with the International Drug Policy Consortium for young people (under 30). The course has been designed to provide a basic overview of the main issues in the drug policy field and to provide a platform for young people to learn more about the core areas of interest in drug policy. The course will enhance participants overall knowledge of the main issues in drug policy and will provide participants with a common understanding of the variety concepts that are used in this area of work, the different policy options that exist, regional case studies and current trends in policy reform.

The number of participants will be restricted so please send in your application as soon as possible. You will need to be a registered Youth RISE member to take this course. You can register here: http://youthrise.org/member/register

Course structure:

The e-course will be made up of 10 different sessions and will start on the 4th February and will take 12 weeks. Participants will access the course content through an online platform where they will be provided with the core document for that week’s session along with a list of suggested readings and video’s.

  • Session 1: History and Background
  • Session 2: Development of UN Conventions and Scheduling of Substances
  • Session 3: The Drug War
  • Session 4: Human Impacts of the Drug War
  • Session 5: Human Impacts of the Drug War: Case Studies
  • Session 6: The Current Global Debate
  • Session 7: Current Policy Alternatives
  • Session 8:  Harm Reduction
  • Session 9: Promotion of Harm Reduction Programming
  • Session 10: Youth Leadership in Global Drug Policy

To complete the course, all participants will be required to contribute to the weekly debates that will follow each week and will have to complete a longer peice of work, which participants will have 2 weeks to complete.

Upon completing the course, particpants will receive an official certificate in Drug Policy from Youth RISE and the International Drug Policy Consortium

Source: YouthRise.Org


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