July 2, 2019

1st Annual Bay Area Cannabis Pride Celebration

July 2, 2019

Cannabis and the LGBTQ community have a long and deeply intertwined history, especially here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally led by gay and cannabis activist Dennis Peron, “Brownie Mary” (Mary Jane Rathbun) and other important LGBTQ leaders and activists, and today, the LGBTQ community continues to be a driving force for leadership, access, and innovation in the cannabis industry.

Tali Eisenberg with Geter Done Productions, in partnership with Brian Applegarth of The Cannabis Trail, will hold the 1st Annual Bay Area Cannabis Pride Celebration on July 11th in Oakland, California. Their goal is to draw attention to the groundbreaking activism of the LGBTQ community in the development of the modern cannabis industry and honor the pioneers who ignited an international health movement of cannabis access.

The celebration draws attention to the queer role in the cannabis journey, and through engaging and compelling programming, honor the history and the movement and amplify brands that are supportive of the LGBTQ community. The event will honor those who have worked to bring cannabis to the ones who needed it most and revel in the access we have today.

Sherry Glaser – actor, comedian, cannabis activist and founder of Love In It Cooperative – will emcee the evening featuring storytelling from the original + local Compassion Activists including Terrance Alan (co-owner of Cafe Flore, SF), John Entwistle (Dennis Peron’s partner), Kris Hayashi (Executive Director, Transgender Law Center) and other important LGBTQ leaders of the cannabis industry that continue to contribute and pave the way for what the cannabis industry is today.

There will be a screening of Brian Applegarth’s 16-minute documentary The Secret Story: How Medical Cannabis Was Re-Legalized in the US, which is based on conversations Applegarth had with Dennis Peron, and chronicles the critical role the queer community played in legalizing medical cannabis by leading the way in their quest for medical cannabis legalization.

To top off the evening there will be a community dance party with special guests from the LGBTQ community.

5% of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to the Transgender Law Center and the important work they do fighting for equal legal rights for the trans community.

The cannabis educational marketplace will highlight local cannabis brands, organizations, and brand allies in a beautiful indoor/outdoor setting.

Tickets are $25 and available for purchase through the Geter Done Productions website. This is a non-consumption gathering and all attendees must be 21 and over. www.cannabispridecelebration.com

Sponsors and Partners

4twenty Group


Bowl & Plant Magazine

CannaSafe Labs

Cosmic View

Countervail, Inc.


Empress Extracts

First Cut Farms

Flow Kana

Garden Society

Geter Done Productions



Lemonstrike Creative Studios

MJ Lifestyle Magazine

Pilar Star Woodman

Rosette Wellness




The Cannabis Trail

The Farmaceuticals Co

The People’s Dispensary

Vizual Nektar

For those interested in sponsoring the 1st Annual Bay Area Cannabis Pride Celebration and to learn more information on the event programming, please contact Tali Eisenberg


Date: 7-11-19

Time: 7PM-11PM

Location: Oakland, CA

Price: $25

Tickets: https://777.ticketspice.com/bay-area-cannabis-pride-celebration

Website: www.cannabispridecelebration.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/273899253417536/

Sponsor Link: https://777.ticketspice.com/bay-area-cannabis-pride-sponsors

MUST BE 21 & over TO ATTEND. This is a non-consumption gathering.

About Tali Eisenberg + Geter Done Productions

Tali Eisenberg is the founder of Geter Done Productions, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Community Cannabis Educator, Event Producer + International Speaker. She has been in the health and wellness industry for the last 20+ years. Currently, Ms. Eisenberg leads community cannabis education programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She previously worked through Ellementa.com, an international organization which creates educational gatherings on women, cannabis, and health. Ms. Eisenberg has also created and leads Senior Cannabis Outreach Education Programs in dispensaries and privately. Geter Done Productions a wonder-filled event planning and a production company specializing in cannabis events through the intersections of community, education, and compassion activism. For more information visit To learn more, visit www.geterdoneproductions.com

About Brian Applegarth

Brian Applegarth is an award-winning documentary film-maker and cannabis historian advocating for the normalization of cannabis through fact-based education of cannabis and preservation of cannabis history and culture. Brian is a trusted leader in the cannabis tourism, travel, and hospitality sector and is the creator of The Cannabis Heritage Trail; Founder and Executive Director of California Cannabis Tourism Association; and owner of Emerald Country Tours. To learn more, visit www.brianapplegarth.com www.emeraldcountrytours.com

About Terrance Alan

Terrance Alan’s career in cannabis began in 1992 when he was arrested for growing medical marijuana for himself and his dying lover. His arrest was an early test case of San Francisco Prop P (which directed the SF police department to allow medical use of cannabis). In 1996, after the passage of Prop 215, Terrance helped found the nation’s first non-profit dispensary, CHAMP (Californians Helping to Alleviate Medical Problems) and served multiple terms on its Board. Most recently, he was the Chair of the California State Legalization Task Force which advised the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on implementation of legal cannabis under Prop 64. As Task Force Chair, he helped facilitate three years of conversations and authored the report bringing those multiple perspectives to policymakers and interested parties.

In 2016, Terrance began organizing a grassroots effort that led to the passage of Humboldt County’s Medical Marijuana land Use Ordinance. He’s currently the chair of the SF Chamber of Commerce Cannabis Working Group, is assisting in the formation of a city wide Cannabis Coalition, he is an advisor to the newly formed San Francisco Cannabis Retailers Alliance, Crop2Kitchen, a cannabis cuisine and beverage advocacy group and he’s CEO of Café Flore in the Castro. To learn more, visit https://flore415.com/

About John Entwistle

John Entwistle, Director at Dennis Peron Legacy Advisory Board, along with his husband Denis Peron, co-authored California Proposition 215, also known as the Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative or the Compassionate Use Act, passed on the November 5, 1996 in the general election ballot in California as an initiated state statute and is considered a significant victory for medical marijuana and the cannabis industry as it is today. John authored a book recounting the stories behind the original Cannabis Buyer’s Club and the role of cannabis in the early days of the epidemic. That book is entitled Memoirs of Dennis Peron How a gay hippy outlaw legalized marijuana in response to the AIDS crisis and is available through Amazon.com. Today John is directing the Dennis Peron Legacy Project to memorialize his spouse Dennis Peron who passed away in January of 2018. To learn more, visit www.DennisPeronLegacyProject.com

About Sherry Glaser

Sherry Glasser is an actor, comedian, cannabis activist and founder of Love In It Cooperative, a medical cannabis dispensary in Mendocino, CA. Her compassion activism adventures in the world of cannabis led to the creation of her latest one-woman show, Taking the High Road: Comic Confessions from Behind the Cannabis Curtain. To learn more, visit https://www.sherryglaser.net/

About The Secret Story: How Medical Cannabis Was Re-Legalized in the US

In early 2015, filmmaker Brian Applegarth crossed paths with famed and respected human rights and cannabis activist Dennis Peron, a gay man dubbed the “father of medical cannabis,” and tells the story of the critical role Peron and the queer community played in legalizing medical cannabis and is chocked full of stories of activism that are layered with passion, battles for human rights and political strategy which led to the passing of San Francisco’s Proposition P in 1991 and Proposition 215: The Compassionate Use Act, making California the first state to re-legalize cannabis in 1996. 


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