February 6, 2017

Canna Opportunites Abound at the CannaGrow Expo in Reno

February 6, 2017

With the new year upon us, all cannabis industry professionals are wondering which events to attend and what will bring the most value to their companies and ambitions.  The upcoming CannaGrow Expo in Reno, Nevada this spring, March 25-26, 2017. is sure to be on that list as it will offer fantastic opportunities for everyone in the industry (or everyone who is interested in the industry) who attends.

The CannaGrow Expo features 100+ exhibitors with a very singular focus around creating the most successful cannabis grows in the world.  Amongst those exhibitors are Pro MAX Grow and OCO Labs.

Chris Lively, Director of Operations at OCO Labs and one of the exhibitors at the CannaGrow coming up in Reno said, “We did the Denver CannaGrow show back in October [2016]. We do several shows throughout the year, and while they all have their benefits, our experience is that the growers/shop owners aren’t always well reflected in the attendees. What we liked about CannaGrow was their focus on growers and grow shops. We were interested in doing another CannaGrow show in general, but the Reno show gave us an additional opportunity to exhibit in Nevada this year.”

Other sponsors had great things to say about the CannaGrow events as well.  Jeff Gasman is the CEO for Pro MAX Grow and he has worked on CannaGrow events in the past and is also exhibiting at the show in Reno. Gaseman said, “We recently exhibited at the Denver CannaGrow Expo.  The team at Pro MAX Grow has found CannaGrow Expo to be a place where like-minded growers come together to expand their skills and learn about exciting new technologies in LED horticultural lighting.  In an industry filled with trade shows, Pro MAX Grow chooses to exhibit at CannaGrow Expo because all the best growers are there.”

Aside from countless satisfied exhibitors and sponsors, the CannaGrow testimonials page is filled with attendee comments about how valueable the programming, networking, and messaging involved with the CannaGrow Expo are.  One attendee even said, “A fantastic balance of relevant market and technical discussion as well as meaningful business development opportunities.”

Learn more about getting involved with the CannaGrow Expo in Reno this March here

CannaGrow Expo - spring 2017



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