November 30, 2020

Cultivating Color in Cannabis: Canna Meets Culture, an Event by Fully Integrated

November 30, 2020
Canna Meets Culture

Cannabis events have certainly changed over the past year. But, even though we don’t have the ability to meet in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still quality events happening, and the Canna Meets Culture event by Fully Integrated is going to be one of the best.

Cannabis Legalization and Cannabis Events

As we saw earlier this month on the 2020 election ballot, cannabis legalization is winning. Newly legalized states bring opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs, and those from communities who have been targeted by law enforcement in the racist war on drugs should be allowed those opportunities first and foremost.

Fully Integrated’s inaugural virtual cannabis experience, Canna Meets Culture looks to create opportunities for Black, Brown, and other underrepresented communities to learn about the pros, cons, benefits, and barriers of the cannabis business, as well as the best ways to integrate cannabis into your day to day lifestyle.

The event is focused on providing basic, entry-level education to newly interested parties while still offering valuable information, opportunity, and resources to the more “seasoned” cannapreneur. Fully Integrated hopes that Canna Meets Culture will meet people where they are, and have real (transparent) conversations about cannabis that people can understand.

Bryant Mitchell is the CEO Blaqstar Farms, the chief sponsor of Canna Meets Culture, and the Founder of Fully Integrated). Mitchell said, “I am tired of seeing so much misinformation about this business.  There is no easy road here.  Putting in the work is required.  I want people, especially Black and Brown folks getting into this business, to truly understand what it is to be in this industry.  Both the risk and reward.  There are so many intricacies that people don’t even realize exist, which can quickly turn into major barriers if you’re not properly prepared.  What we’re trying to do with Fully Integrated is bridge the gap, ensure we help people navigate, and hopefully keep them from going down the wrong path that may cost them a ton of money and time.  I am passionate about seeing people of color succeed in this business”.

Fully Integrated is an educational platform and live learning experience dedicated to bridging the gap and ensuring minorities and people of color are equipped with the knowledge needed to be successful in the cannabis industry. Their mission is to educate BIPOC about cannabis laws and the cannabis business, and to work towards rectifying and restoring their local communities by providing information and tools for those interested in pursuing advocacy, as well as decriminalization of the use of the marijuana plant.

Lori Lord Quote is the Co-Founder a Fully Integrated and explained, “Our team is dedicated to creating an easier path in this business for underrepresented communities. We also want to be sure we are having real conversations about what’s happening in the industry, as well as approach issues that are unique to Black and Brown people as it pertains to social equity, lifestyle and ending deeply embedded stigmas in our communities.”

Dr. Barrington Iruke is also a Co-Founder of Fully Integrated as well as the Medical Advisor of Blaqstar Farms, and he shared, “We hope to impact the industry by helping people that need help the most getting in.  Often times, those people look just like myself.  It is our job to support our community and be a resource however we can.”

The event kicks off on Friday evening!

Specialty Tracks Include: CannaBusiness, Lifestyle, and Parenting

Canna Meets Culture

Friday, December 4

*All times are Central Standard Time

  • 420-520p – Up in Smoke Workout with Sweat & Soul Fitness (Jermaine Patterson)
  • 530-630p – What You NEED to know [About Weed] (Bryant Mitchell, Dasheeda Dawson, Aza Tucker, Jerome Chenevert)
  • 700-800p – Infusion Session| Holiday Cookies w/ Chef Jenn (Chef Jennifer Felmley)
  • 800-830p – Smoke Sesh: Dosing, Strains & Wraps (Saria Tasrin)

Saturday, December 5

  • 800-900a – Yoga Flamez Workout (Brittany Hill)
  • 900-1000a – Cannabis and Mental Health (Dr. Barry Iruke, Dr. Claire Bradley, Tracy Schultz, Additional guest Pending)
  • 1015-1115a – Taking Action + Allyship in the Industry | What Now? (Rep. Ted James- LA, Travis Maurer, Jax Finkel, Nadir Pearson, Additional guest pending)
  • 1130a-1230p – Finding Your Path in the Business (Steven Phan, Tess Taylor, Tamar Bibbs, Kandy Pens Rep, Additional guests pending)
  • 1230-100p – Lunch + Learn | Getting Candid About Cannabis/Open Conversation About Normalization (Dr. Barry Iruke, Tianna Smith, Tammy Pettigrew, Najee Smith, Additional guests pending)
  • 130-200p – Breakout Sessions
    • Cannabis and Parenting (Jocelyn Harris, Leah Maurer, Vanessa Oliver, Vanessa Coke) 
    • Cultivation Q&A (Bryant Mitchell) 
  • 200-230p – Breakout Sessions
    • Infusion Session | Bud & Butter (Learn how to make your own cannabutter) w/ Chef Anita Dereen
    • Setting Up Your Cannabis Business (Jerome Chenevert, Tamar Bibbs)
  • 245-345p – Black Men in Cannabis (Bryant Mitchell, Mehka King, Najee Smith,  Additional guests pending)

Presented by Blaqstarfarms

Sponsor & Community Partners Include:

The Weed Blog | Sweat & Soul Fitness| Jozuri CBD Skincare| Natural High Company | DTR Events| Infin8tely Elevated Events | Mommies & Mary Jane | Roho Afiyia | More to come…

Interested in becoming a sponsor or community partner? Please email [email protected]. Read more details about sponsorship for Canna Meets Culture here


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