August 19, 2020

Whole Plant Expo to Feature 7 tracks and more than 100 Speakers on Medical Cannabis

August 19, 2020
whole plant expo

Whole Plant Expo today announced its seven-track conference program with more than 100 expert speakers including some of the biggest names in medical cannabis and hemp. Whole Plant Expo is a first-of-its-kind online event, bringing together an ecosystem of organizations and communities for a comprehensive examination of endocannabinology and the use of cannabinoids for medicine, health and wellness.

Whole Plant Expo runs online from October 1 to November 30, with a dynamic program showcasing new content and activities throughout its 61-day run. Tickets range from $29 for Patients and Caregivers to $179 for professionals, and can be purchased at EventHi.

“We are very impressed by the vision and drive of the Whole Plant Expo team,” said Ken Watkins, publisher of the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine (AJEM). “AJEM is excited to be part of Whole Plant Expo, showcasing 20 speakers in our own AJEM-produced conference program.”

The Whole Plant Expo Conference

Five conference tracks are produced by Whole Plant Expo, with content curated for key audiences: Patients and Caregivers, Medical Professionals, Researchers, Business, and Industry Professionals. The AJEM-produced program represents a cross section of medical cannabis authorities, from professional athletes who experience relief from cannabinoid treatments, to doctors who have studied the plant for years, to subject matter experts in the fields of law, litigation, and reimbursement. Whole Plant Access for Autism is producing the WPA4A Conference on Cannabinoids and Autism as a separately ticketed add-on event

Dr. Adie Rae (Wilson-Poe) is an NIH-funded neuroscientist who has been studying cannabis, opioids, and their interaction for her entire career. She is one of the keynote speakers for the expo and said:

“I’m excited to be involved with Whole Plant Expo for a couple of reasons…

1) The work I’m speaking about during my keynote address is directly tied to consumer wellbeing and our evolving relationship with the plant. My hope is that attendees will come away with a totally new and improved way to purchase cannabis; one that allows them to leave black market mythology in the past, in favor of what human evidence says are truly the most important factors when buying cannabis. I am thrilled to be a part of the data-driven cannabis revolution!

2) We are all curious to see what is possible re: events during a global pandemic. This seems like a great time and platform for this social experiment.”

-Dr. Adie Rae

The conference is fortunate to have ecosystem superstars kickoff each track program:

Patients & Caregivers: Marvin Washington – Super Bowl XXXIII champion, Co-Founder of Athletes for CARE, and director on the board of Isodiol™

Medical Professionals: Dr. Janice Knox, MD – CEO and Co-Founder, American Cannabinoid Clinics™

Researchers: Dr. Adie Rae, PhD – Co-Founder, Smart Cannabis™

Business: Mara Gordon – Founder, Aunt Zelda’s™ and Zelira Therapeutics™

Industry Professionals: Joshua Crossney – President, CEO and Founder, Cannabis Science Conference

AJEM: Dr. Jahan Marcu, PhD – Editor in Chief, American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine

WPA4A: Dr. Bonni Goldstein, MD – Medical Director, Canna-Centers Wellness and Education

Nishi Whiteley is a business development and marketing consultant turned cannabis educator, speaker and author. She is the VP of Business Development for Breeder’s Best and is also speaking at the expo.

“I am looking forward to participating in the Whole Plant Expo alongside my distinguished colleagues and an impressive line-up of speakers. For my part in the event, I will be speaking about the need for more access to rare and minor cannabinoids and terpene-rich products from a patient/consumer perspective and I will touch on  business opportunities around developing such products. Because of the format of the event, attendees will have the luxury of attending all of the presentations. Regardless of one’s interest, be it medicine, science or business there will be something substantive for everyone.”

-Nishi Whiteley

The Whole Plant Expo Digital Exhibit Hall

From mobile apps to cultivation technology to medical services, the Whole Plant Expo exhibit hall already features dozens of companies from a wide array of B2B products and services. A fast-growing consumer expo will offer attendees a diverse selection of CBD and other cannabinoid products for purchase from brands including A.F.C – Advocates For Cannabis™, Aunt Zelda’s™, Empower BodyCare™, GoodFOR™, and VETCBD™.

The Whole Plant Expo exhibit hall includes seven exhibit zones to allow attendees to easily find relevant businesses and organizations. These zones include:

CBD and cannabinoid products
Software and apps
Testing equipment and labs
Cultivation products and services
Packaging, branding and marketing
Professional services
Extraction and manufacturing

Nonprofits Pavilion

A separate exhibit hall is devoted to registered nonprofit organizations, assisting these organizations in sharing their missions, recruiting new members and activists, and raising important funds. A silent auction will run throughout Whole Plant Expo raising funds, either collectively or individually, for participating nonprofits. The Nonprofits Pavilion today includes:

American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine
Athletes for Care
Cannabis Health Equity Movement
Minority Cannabis Business Association
Whole Plant Access for Autism 

About Whole Plant Expo
Whole Plant Expo is the first major medical cannabis trade show that comes to you! Interactive and immersive, Whole Plant Expo is an online trade event featuring a comprehensive conference track, digital exhibit halls, topic-driven networking opportunities, and discussion forums. Beyond the conference, Whole Plant Expo is working with ecosystem partners to build a community of patients and caregivers, medical professionals, researchers, and industry professionals. Whole Plant Expo runs online from October 1 to November 30, 2020.


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