How To Recognize Zinc Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants


A lack of zinc can occur from time to time and the hallmark of a zinc deficiency is a collection of gnarled and twisted leaf blades. Chlorosis and the yellowing of older leaves in between the veins can also indicate a zinc deficiency. This is frequently coupled with a general pale feel to the marijuana plant.

zinc deficiency marijuana plant

Buds may also end up contorted or gnarled. Zinc deficiencies resemble iron or manganese deficiencies, but they affect new growth instead (making them immobile). Surplus zinc is very rare, but will create wilting and sometimes death. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about nutrients and marijuana plant deficiencies.

Zinc is vital for the sturdiness and maturation level of the marijuana plant. The leaves, branches, stalks, and stems are all strengthened by the presence of zinc. Zinc can also be found as a vital factor in several enzymes and in auxin, a growth hormone. Without a solid amount of auxin, leaves and shoots can be stunted. Additionally, zinc plays a part in the production of chlorophyll.

One way to solve a zinc deficiency is by using a micro mix composed of iron, zinc, and manganese. Other options include zinc sulfate, chelated zinc, or zinc oxide. It may be worth your while to check out a commercial product like Marijuana Booster, which can provide you with ample nutrient values for everything from boron to zinc.

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Source: ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com