February 14, 2017

California Cannabis Business Expo brings Endless Opportunities for Canna-preneurs

February 14, 2017
California Cannabis Business Expo

The 3rd Annual Spring California Cannabis Business Expo (CCBE), produced by MJIC Media and sponsored by the Marijuana Investor Summit, will be held March 5-7 in San Diego. This California Cannabis Business Expo has been recognized as a leading forum in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. With Southern California covering nearly 60% of California’s entire population and the passing of Proposition 64, there will likely be a large turnout in support of this year’s CCBE event.

The first Marijuana Investor Summit and Business Expo was held in Denver in April of 2015 (4/20 to be exact!), and received accolades from all in attendance.  This event was followed by the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco which drew 1700+ attendees.

Dope Magazine was part of this event and mentioned, “The California Marijuana Investor Summit was a success! Who doesn’t want to be in a room full of investors and entrepreneurs who strive for potential partnerships? This event was a great turn out, a lot of collaborations that will help improve and revolutionize the cannabis industry.”

The energy, networking, education and business created at these shows firmly places the California Cannabis Business Expo (CCBE) as a leader in the industry. The San Diego California Cannabis Business Expo will be bigger, better and provide some of the highest quality networking and education held in the cannabis industry.

New for 2017 in San Diego is an exhibitor valet – event paid staff with hand carts will be there to help carry in boxes, packages and marketing materials for exhibitors. All booths include pipe/drape, covered table, chairs and carpeting.  With MJIC being one of the cannabis industry leaders in Business to Business (B2B) events, the CCBE will offer sponsor partners a great chance for exposure of their brands as well as exclusive treatment including VIP networking events, access to all sessions, and buffet meals in the expo hall. Learn more about sponsorship here.

The programming for the CCBE also promises to be highly diverse and informative for both emerging businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as established cannabis companies already in the industry.  Speakers include cannabis guru Ed Rosenthal, Cannabis Research Scientist Dr. Sue Sisley, CEO of SpeedWeed AJ Gentile, and CEO/founder of TreatWell Alison Ettel.  Additionally, the CCBE will host politicians in the programing, including U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

Alison Ettel said, “TreatWell is looking forward to participating in this year’s event, which will be held in our home state where medical cannabis first began in this country.  We’re excited to share our decades of observational data from treating patients with medicinal cannabis, bringing a new understanding to the possibilities that this industry holds.  This expo is the perfect opportunity to get an intimate and in depth view of the business and science of the cannabis industry.”

AJ Gentile, CEO of SpeedWeed, added, “Being involved with MJIC events has been beneficial to SpeedWeed because MJIC has been a visible presence in the space for a long time. MJIC events are very well organized and well attended by our peers. These are events we attend not to increase our customer base, but to network with other leaders in the cannabis industry. Attending an MJIC event or workshop gives an entrepreneur — or elected official — a great deal of necessary information on how to navigate this fast paced industry. Plus, they know how to throw a great after party!”


Participants in the CCBE will be offered many opportunities to gain the most value possible from this Expo. These opportunities include creating a personalized agenda, sharing and learning insights with some of the best in the cannabis industry, gaining many opportunities to network, learning about solutions and services, and access to all documentation connected with the event through the website.

Dooma Wendschuh, Co-Founder & CEO of Province, a Toronto-based cannabis startup, was a part of MJIC’s inaugural Marijuana Investor Summit in Denver 0f 2015 and said, “Events like this force you to think about your message. They force you to think about your brand. If your business can withstand this kind of trial by fire, then you’re that much more likely to survive your first year as a startup.”

This is sure to be an amazing opportunity for all sectors of the industry as well as this movement as a whole.

Learn more and register for the CCBE here.


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