October 6, 2017

Cannabis Company Acquisition Opportunity: Messina Bitters

October 6, 2017
We are excited to announce a cannabis company acquisition opportunity for Messina Bitters, the best brand of cannabis bitters in the Oregon market.

Messina Bitters is one of the most unique cannabis infused products I have ever come across, and I have had the pleasure of trying them in several different kinds of cannabis cocktails. This brand has been a really fun one to watch grow and expand in the Oregon industry. The company’s owner/founder, Camille Messina, is excited to announce the opportunity for acquisition of the company, and she has given me these details to share. Please contact her directly through the website here .

  • Messina Bitters was founded in October 2015, making it the first and only legally recognized cannabis infused cocktail bitters company, worldwide.
  • Cannabis Infused Messina Bitters were legal in Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries for one year. During this time media attention was so intense that it was challenging to keep up with the demand.
  • In November 2016 we launched our non-cannabis Virgin Bitters line which includes five flavors: Aromatic, Orange Blossom, Grapefruit, Cardamom and Coco.
  • Our Virgin Bitters have been featured in award winning cocktail recipes and are now available in wellness stores, liquor stores and high-end bars and restaurants throughout Oregon.
  • Media interest has continued despite the fact that the production of Cannabis Infused Messina Bitters has been in limbo because of costly regulations.
  • Messina Bitters has created a unique opportunity to capitalize on the wellness and alcohol market like no other product in history.
  • The fact that Virgin Messina Bitters are all organic, gluten free and sugar free creates a product that is truly unique. Combine that with the fact that our Virgin Bitters can easily be infused with cannabis oil, and you have a turn key product with huge opportunities in several markets.
  • With our Virgin Bitters on the shelves in commercial stores as well as bars and restaurants, the Messina Bitters brand has created intrigue and consumer confidence that will translate directly to cannabis dispensary sales.
  • I have had the time to perfect my recipes and create enormous brand recognition. With capital investment and a sales team in place, the possibilities of this product are limitless. I look forward to seeing Messina Bitters being taken to the next level and beyond.

Messina Bitters will sign over all intellectual property, hard goods and provide employee training.

Listing price will be paid up front in cash or check.


• Cannabis Infused and Virgin Messina Bitters $60,000

• Camille Messina receives 9.99% of gross profit if Messina Bitters is sold to another party


• All branded design files (Labels, stickers, logos etc. all in Adobe Illustrator file format)

• R&D / Recipes

• Client information list

• Website and all related social media accounts

• Product source references

• LLC related to Messina Bitters

• Non-Compete Agreement


Messina Bitters will prepare a transfer of hard goods for both the Cannabis Infused and Virgin product.

* No cannabis will be included in the transfer*

• Production equipment for 5 gallon batches

• Dried herbs, roots and spices

• Packaged Virgin product

• Product packaging


Company acquisition includes, but does not require, consultation and social media services rendered by Camille Messina.

All services can be redeemed in person until December 15th, 2017 or via online video chat until April 30th, 2018.


• Training employees (20 hours total)

• Follow up consultation via email and/or online video chat available through April 30th, 2018


• Website update (New photos and description for 3 products, updates to product availability)

Our Virgin Bitters open the opportunity for online sales as well as traditional natural food stores like Whole Foods and New Seasons.

Oregon alone has close to 500 cannabis dispensaries which would only require 40 Cannabis Infused units sold per dispensary to reach a 20,000 unit sales goal per month.

Because Messina Bitters is in a unique product category, it is first to market and does not face any competition. Although the Cannabis Cafe market has not yet officially opened, comparable markets are large.

For example:

  • $25.2 billion: The size of the US spirit market
  • $23.1 billion: The size of the US bar and nightclub market
  • $200 billion: The size of the US alternative medicine market
  • $1.2 trillion: The size of the global alcoholic drinks market


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