January 7, 2019

CBDistillery: Setting Standards for Industrial Hemp

January 7, 2019
CBDistillery is continuing to create high quality products while still being a company "for the people."

The CBDistillery was founded by a group of Colorado natives in Spring of 2016 and started as an extraction lab. By Fall of 2016, they were selling directly to consumers. On Black Friday of 2016, they grossed $70K in one day, and knew they had something special. CBDistillery is vertically integrated with farmers in Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon. They contract directly with them and ensure they are using organic practices and certifications.

With their profits continuing to increase (in 2017 $8 million and ending 2018 at $60 million) and the company growing in team members (they now have 75 employees), CBDistillery has still made it a point to be a company for the people. They strive for affordable prices while continually innovating different products to satisfy all customers.

Chase Terwilliger, is the company’s CEO and has been with the company since 6 months after it was founded. He explained, “We are separating ourselves from other CBD companies because we maintain a strong belief that people have a right to the highest quality, fairly priced hemp derived CBD. Aside from providing exceptional products and service, we are on a mission to to provide access to education, research and testimonials.” The company has even trademarked #CBDMOVEMENT

Not only does the company strive for a high quality product, but they are continuing efforts to set standards for both cannabis and other industries through civic engagement (their lawyers helped with the advocacy for the recently passed hemp extensions to the Farm Bill) and social responsibility. The company has only lost 2 employees since it’s start, offers holiday bonuses, cover 100% of employees healthcare and is “a fun place to work,” says Terwilliger.

The Farm Bill will likely be a game-changer for CBDistillery and other CBD companies. As the companyexplained:

“We believe that the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill will provide substantial economic benefits. As domestic hemp production increases, industries will no longer have to rely on imported hemp. Economic stimulation will continue as we welcome more hemp farmers, product manufacturers, business investors, and product consumers to our thriving community. Hemp products are anticipated to evolve into a 22 billion dollar industry by 2022.CBDistilleryhas a mission to educate the public about the differences between hemp and marijuana, and the many potential benefits of CBD oil. With the 2018 Farm Bill passing, our mission has never been more important and ask our followers to help up educate others.”

Looking forward to seeing what is next for this team!


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