January 25, 2018

Elementary School Kid Shares Grandpas Pot Gummy Bears with Classmates

January 25, 2018
In an effort to avoid more accidents, the school decided to give the staff and students a lesson on medical marijuana.

Grandpas Gummies Made Girl Feel Like Room was Going to Flip to the Side

Students at the Albuquerque School of Excellence in New Mexico were all giggles after their classmate mistook her Grandpa’s cannabis-infused gummy bears as candy and shared the edibles with them earlier in January. The Albuquerque Journal reported that the 9-year-old girl thought the box of marijuana gummy bears were just a box of gummy bears and unwittingly shared the medical marijuana gummy bears with 5 of her fellow classmates at the elementary school.

The young girl reportedly became dizzy and was sent to the nurse’s office thinking she had food poisoning from the cafeteria. The New York Post reported that the girl said that she “felt like the room was going to flip to the side.” The girl also told the nurse that she had consumed some gummy bears, eating 5 of them and sharing the rest with her friends before throwing the box away.

School staff retrieved the empty box in from the trash and quickly realized that the package had contained medical marijuana edible gummy bears.

The school made an announcement on the loud speaker requesting the 5 students report to the office. Several of the students who ate the edible gummy bears reported feeling a little giggly and the others felt no effects from the gummy bears. The paramedics examined the 5 children before the school sent them home with their parents for the remainder of the day. All students are reportedly fine and returned to class without incident.

In an effort to avoid more accidents, the school decided to give the staff and students a lesson on medical marijuana and edibles. School officials also advised parents that the school has a policy prohibiting food and beverages from home on a school premises. The Albuquerque Police Department made a police report and confiscated the empty medical marijuana gummy bear box. It is not yet known whether any charges are pending.

Niko Mann is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles, California.


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