January 29, 2019

HempFX Seeks to Educate, Dispel Myths, and Offer Natural Choices

January 29, 2019
HempFX seeks to target problem areas the U.S. has with drugs and help people find gentle, natural choices like CBD.

CBD is an absolute wonder. It’s safe, legal, and helps with over 50 medical conditions. One new company, HempFX, launched by Youngevity International, Inc., a 20+ year old lifestyle company specializing in a hybrid of the direct-selling business model, is selling out of its new hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) line of products.

People’s lives are being changed by CBD – from chronic pain to mental health, CBD has the potential to alleviate an astonishing number of ailments. For 21 years, Youngevity has prided itself on developing the high quality and well-researched nutritional products and now each formula in the HempFX product line combines organically grown hemp-derived cannabinoids with Youngevity signature nutrients.

Dave Briskie is the President of HempFX and Youngevity. He explained, “HempFX feels very strongly about education and hopes to dispel myths and help consumers understand what cannabis is, and what the difference is between THC and CBD. We feel that our initial products are targeted right at some of the problem areas we have with drugs in our country (like opioids) and want to help people to find gentle, natural choices for relieving these symptoms.”

Steve Wallach, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Youngevity and HempFX, added, “The products included in our initial launch of HempFX took more than 2 ½ years to create. Building upon my Father’s more than 40 Years of Plant Based Nutrition, HempFX combines all that we have learned to be able to provide the purest and most efficacious products to the marketplace. Youngevity has a reputation for creating high quality science based products, and we took great care to ensure our HempFX products live up to this reputation.”

Most recently, Youngevity International inked an exclusive cross-marketing agreement with Icelandic Glacial water and a joint development arrangement to advance new products including RTD CBD to extend Youngevity’s roster of lifestyle brands. Anheuser-Busch InBev distributes Icelandic Glacial Water in the U.S. Anyone following the CBD space knows that beer companies have been trying to nudge their way in to the CBD market in a big way. Over the next three years, the companies will jointly develop products in four key areas of dietary supplements including CBD products, children’s drinks, pet and coffee products.

Currently the growing portfolio of organic CBD-based products include HempFX Soothe™ for achy joints and muscles; HempFX Uplift™ , which is designed to naturally elevate mood and promote overall health; and HempFX Relax™ , which is packed with a wide variety of sleep-supporting botanicals.


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