November 1, 2017

How to Choose Which Cannabis Trade Shows to Attend

November 1, 2017
Marijuana and blood pressure are related.
With the cannabis industry continuing to emerge and grow across the U.S., there is a vastly expanding amount of cannabis trade show options.

Participating in the right trade shows is valuable part of doing business. It’s also a resource intensive investment. Whether you’re demoing a product or providing more information about the services you offer, it’s important to make sound decisions and maximize ROI. Also, there’s simply too many to choose from.

Chris Whitener participates in twenty to fifty trades shows each year. As the customer service and sales manager, also director of events at MagicalButter, Whitener sorts through lots of opportunities, deciding the best ways he and his team can provide magical experiences. Sometimes it’s through demos, others through charity and sponsorships, but it always takes a grasp of logistics and the essentials to coordinate. TWB asked Whitener to share his insider insight on choosing cannabis trade show opportunities for your business.

How do you decide which trade shows to attend?

Many factors go into that decision. There is a delicate balance between running a business day-to-day while marketing and attending trade shows. There seems to be cannabis-related events or shows every single weekend somewhere in the country. Many show organizers are cashing in on the “green rush” and there’s a local urge for the public to be involved. As a company, you must navigate the seas of shows and determine what events are worth attending. Here are some crucial details that help us decide if we can attend:

  • What’s the date? Make sure there is availability and no scheduling conflicts.
  • Where is it located? Is it a legal state? How much will it cost to travel?
  • Who are the sponsors? The event is validated if other credible brand names are involved.
  • Is there a title sponsor opportunity? Having your brand name as a title sponsor is choice.
  • Are there any speaking opportunities? Our CEO Garyn Angel has hosted panel discussions, as well as given key note speeches and live business presentations
  • Who are the prospected attendees? Consumers, B2B, patients, growers?
  • Is there a theme? Education, festival, grow, culinary, patient orientated, charity, medical, culture, music, community, competitions, compassion?
  • How much does it cost to participate? Check your budget.

What trade show has been the most lucrative or profitable for you to attend?

The High Times Cannabis Cup has been the most lucrative and marketable event we have ever attended. The Cups provide maximum exposure and allows Productions to capture high quality content to be re-marketed and syndicated. The endless friendships and connections developed at these shows are priceless. Our ability to communicate directly with customers and contemporaries is instrumental to our success. High Times has their finger on the pulse of the industry across the board, creating an immersive event that engages the guest on many levels. MagicalButter’s MB2e has sold out every single cup we have attended.

At what trade show did you have the most fun?

We have had the most fun at The Patient’s Out Of Time Conference. With attendees earning continuing education credits in endocannabinoid science, guests are granted access to top doctors, scientists and researchers. Breakout lectures and presentations leave many opportunities to gain valuable knowledge and information regarding recent cannabinoid breakthroughs. With a very transparent and patient minded agenda, we have had the most genuine rewarding experiences at The Patient’s Out of Time Conference.

What can people expect when MagicalButter is in attendance? is known for our over-the-top show presence. We always include live cooking demonstrations or learning stations to teach attendees the ease of infusing butters, oils, and tinctures using the MagicalButter machine. We enjoy engaging with the guests and giving them an up-close look at how to cook with cannabis. Chef Joey has been an inspiration to many consumers. Depending on the location of the event and current laws regarding cannabis, we often hand out potency tested samples of infused foods. Some of our activations in the past have included the launch of the first ever Cannabis Food Truck and The Top Cannabis Chef Competitions. strives to leave a lasting impression on attendees. It goes beyond just selling a kitchen appliance—you must engage with your consumers and give them an experience they can touch, smell, see, hear, and taste. We always incorporate education and spread the information customers need to be empowered. Eat To Treat! Stay tuned and be sure to check out at the next show near you. We love to meet new people and enjoy giving back with cool promotional gear and accessories.


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