October 1, 2019

Innovating to Meet Market Demand in Cannabis

October 1, 2019
Ooze continually creates and innovates products to meet consumer demand in the cannabis market.

Ooze is a Michigan-based company dedicated to creating innovative, reliable vaporizers and other smoking products. Ooze has been in the vaping business since 2015, and the company has extensive knowledge and expertise in this subject. They are always hard at work on product development, inventing and reinventing, and innovating new and better products for the market.

Ooze is one of the pioneer smoke accessory companies in the cannabis sector, and we know that there has been SO much development in ways to consume cannabis since the company first began. Keeping up with market demand is a task, no doubt. Dan Hannawa is the President at Ooze and he told us that end user events and festivals have been key for the company in terms of connecting with actual customers and identifying emerging trends and market needs. The feedback they hear at these events allows Ooze to fine-tune products to be the exact versions customers are looking for. He added, “It also makes a huge difference when the people behind the company believe in their products and actually use them on a day-to-day basis. Plenty of companies are run by uptight corporate folks that haven’t smoked since college, if at all. Ooze is not this faceless brand that simply distributes products to stores and does online sales. We are made up of cannabis users who are constantly looking for the next cool thing to try out. We don’t move forward with products that we couldn’t see ourselves regularly using. We keep up with market trends because we are ingrained in the market ourselves.”

Eddie Koury is the Marketing Director at Ooze and agrees. He explained, “I am a firm believer that in order to properly market and develop new products (along with the brand itself), those behind the scenes need to also be a fan. Typically when I interview potential candidates to join the marketing team, I try to get them to just be themselves and be honest. It just makes the work day that much better having people around who truly believe in the brand and what we are trying to do here. Our fans notice this too and when it comes time to interact at events, we are just as excited as they are.”

Additionally, Ooze has applied technological advancements and innovations in their product development over time. Hannawa said, “We’ve gotten very skilled at taking a standard, run-of-the-mill product, making tweaks and small improvements, and ending up with a product that goes above and beyond the status quo. We have recently expanded our product development team and hired an engineer to streamline our processes and increase our inventing brain power. We are constantly doing market research to identify emerging trends and put our own Ooze spin on what we see as the next big thing in the cannabis industry.”

Ooze has evolved from solely being a vaporizer company, to creating products for every category of cannabis accessory. Aside from some of their most recent innovations, such as the Slim Twist Pro pen and the Kettle, Ooze has some plans for other new products on the horizon. Hannawa explained, “Although our batteries remain our best-selling products, our current focus has been an innovative line of new silicone-glass hybrid pieces that are fun, unique shapes intended for both flower and concentrates. The Ooze Kettle, Trip, Stack, and Steamboat all have a thick glass water chamber surrounded by flexible, durable silicone. These bong-rig combo pieces are great for smoking outside of the typical home set-up because they can withstand a lot more bumps and knocks. Our brand has always been about standing out from the crowd, and the bright colorways and eye-catching shapes of these pieces are the epitome of Ooze.”

You can learn more about Ooze and all of their products here


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