January 17, 2018

The Marijuana Show Launches 2018 Canna-Profit Summit

January 17, 2018
The Marijuana Show has launched Bud Camp to train the cannabis industry’s projected 250,000 new employees.

Los Angeles, (January 17, 2018)—The producers of the hit Amazon Prime Show, “The Marijuana Show”, known by millions as “The Shark Tank for Cannabis Industry,” created Bud Camp, the most trusted educational training for the cannabis industry.

Bud Camp brings conferences to your couch and is the first online business accelerator for cannabis entrepreneurs and investors also offers online networking events. The first summit is “The 2018 Canna-Profit Summit.”

The 3 day online, live summit (January 29th to 31st) focuses on marketing, sales, branding, building communities and investment with 16 industry experts and is co-produced by Tokeativity, a cannabis community for women. The summit is found at budcamp.net.

There is a huge need for education and training in this Federally illegal industry. A new report from New Frontier Data projects that by 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs New Frontier Data projects that by 2020 the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs and Market Watch projects the Marijuana Industry to hit $50 billion annually by 2026. This clearly indicates to the current administration that Cannabis is a proven economical driver and should be legalized. This is more than the expected jobs from manufacturing, utilities or even government jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wendy Robbins, director/producer says, “Bud Camp provides a means for thousands of entrepreneurs to launch a blueprint to create, and run a successful and scalable business, not just the 10 finalists on our show. We can also help mentor hundreds of thousands soon to enter the job market. We are focused on ending the stigma by educating, advocating and helping to legalize cannabis one viewer, entrepreneur or employee at a time.”

“Conferences can cost thousands of dollars and days away from your family. Bud Camp allows you to learn in the comfort of your own couch – no traveling necessary! We want everyone to have access to a trusted online Cannabis college taught by industry experts answering students questions.” Says Karen Paull, producer of The Marijuana Show.

The summit launch comes after a bill last week aimed “to protect states and individuals in states that have laws which permit the use of cannabis, and for other purposes,” entitled the Restraining Excessive Federal Enforcement and Regulations of Cannabis Act, otherwise known as the REFER Act, was introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA).

“We are excited to partner with The Marijuana Show and help to produce accessible education for the cannabis industry and those who are curious about entering into the space,” says Lisa Snyder.

These online classes are designed for students to ask questions and to get practical, proven, step-by-step action plans on topics such as Seven Secrets to a Successful Pitch, How to Court Angel Investors and Raise Money for Your Startup, Civic and Community Engagement to Grow Your Cannabis Company, How to Turn Your Art into Cannabis Cash, Design & Packaging for Cannabis Brands, Cannabis Tourism Business Strategies, Cannabis Business Plan Foundations, Profit Accelerators for Canna-businesses, Community Building Strategies for Developing Successful & Diverse Cannabis Businesses, Cannabis & Instagram Engagement, Sales Strategies for Cannabis Entrepreneurs, Podcasting 101 and How Cannabis businesses can Use Online Media to Drive Traffic.

The summit has brought together some of the top respected and experienced cannabis professionals in the country, including Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull, co-creators and producers of the Marijuana Show, Lisa Snyder & Samantha Montanaro, Co-Creators of Tokeativity, Leah Heise, President, Chesapeake Integrated Health Institute, Sara Batterby, Founder of the Batterby Group, Ariel Zimman, owner of Stonedware Company, Kary Radestock, Co-Owner of Hippo Premium Packaging, Leah Maurer, Co-Owner of The Weed Blog, Alexa Divett, Cannabis Business Coach & Strategist, Simone Cimaluca-Radzins, CEO of Kalogia, Gill Polard, Creator of the Her(b) Life & Co-Creator of the High Friends Podcast, Jade Daniels, Founder of Ladies of Paradise & Harlee Case, Creative Director of Ladies of Paradise, and Jamie Cooper, Founder of Canna Media Works & Cannabiz Connection.

The Marijuana Show director/producer, Wendy Robbins has been awarded two Emmy’s, starred in Kelly Ripa’s series on TLC, “Homemade Millionaire” and directed/produced shows for MTV, ABC, CBS. FOX, PBS, and HBO. She co-invented The Tingler head massager making $10 million from toilet parts. She is a popular speaker and the author of the bestselling book, “Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One!” Karen has an MFA in Acting, is a University Theater Professor, received the John. F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Acting, is a Digital Advertising Sales and Marketing Expert, former VP of Snapfish who brought over $25 million. Together, they are launching Season #3 of the show featured on Amazon Prime.

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