March 19, 2019

Turning Great Products into Winning Brands: The Origin House Brand Acceleration

March 19, 2019
Origin House can help you establish and grow your cannabis brand.

At Origin House, we believe that across sectors, great brands are those which resonate with consumers. These consumers in turn, support growth of brands in crowded markets and even beyond, into other states and countries. We’ve found that California is the epicenter for global brands and that’s why we’re building our foundation in the golden state.

How exactly does the Brand Acceleration Program Work?

Origin House’s business model centers around identifying brands in California, the largest and most selective cannabis market in the world. We work with brands we believe in, not to absorb and reinvent, but to nurture and accelerate, so that they can win in an increasingly crowded market.

To put it simply, the Origin House Brand Acceleration Program is designed to help develop the global cannabis brands of the future by helping them grow and reach their maximum potential by providing them with access to capital, in-house services and infrastructure, among other support. How do we do this?

  • Capital for Growth: Origin House offers innovative and promising brands with financing for them to scale at attractive rates
  • Consumer Acquisition: In addition to brand development, marketing and advertising support to gain consumers, Origin House can help get products on shelves through our comprehensive state-wide distribution platform.
  • Repeat Customers: Origin House can provide access to our exclusive manufacturing facilities and ensure that brands can keep up with demand. Furthermore, our experienced legal and policy team are well equipped to provide guidance regarding compliance to state and federal regulations.

Who should you participate in the Brand Acceleration Program?

  • Do you have trouble getting into retail stores?

Origin House’s wholly-owned distribution subsidiary, Continuum, has state-wide presence in California and can connect you with dispensaries across the state.

  • Have you been spending more time chasing investments than strategically building your business?

Origin House can help you gain access to capital. Through this program, we’ve already signed six unique deals worth approximately US$17.5 million. Several of our partners have seen tremendous benefit from these investments and have come back for a second tranche.

  • Would you like to take your business across the border?

We can guide and support your plans of expansion into other markets. In Canada, Origin House recently acquired major online and retail Vape store chain, 180 Smoke which has presence across 22 retail locations.

  • Are you interested in developing other product categories under the umbrella of your brand?

We can provide brand support that leverages insight into branding and marketing strategies. These have already caused a spike of growth for our in-house brands.

Interested in partnering with us? Feel free to visit our website and learn more about the Origin House Brand Acceleration Program or write to us. We would love to hear from you and learn more about your unique brand!


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