March 8, 2021

Some Vermont Communities Approve Retail Marijuana Businesses

March 8, 2021
Some Vermont Communities Approve Retail Marijuana Businesses

Over 20 communities in Vermont have approved the opening of retail marijuana businesses within their respective borders.

In town meetings that occurred earlier this week on Tuesday, voters in such communities as Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington, Montpelier, Vergennes, Waterbury and Winooski approved of the measure.

Conversely, at least three communities have rejected the sale of cannabis.

While Vermont’s state legislature has legalized the sale of recreational marijuana, the legalization was due to take effect in the beginning of next year; in the meantime, cities and towns have been allowed to vote on allowing the sale of cannabis in their respective communities.

“It seemed to do quite well. Only a very few cities rejected marijuana dispensaries,” commented Middlebury College professor of political science Bert Johnson.

These community approvals will allow local businesses to seek state licenses for the sale of cannabis at the beginning of 2022. After applying for these licenses, these businesses will require the final approval of a state board for the sale and cultivation of marijuana in their respective communities.

The Current Status of Vermont’s Recreational Marijuana Regulations

Vermont legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, but has yet to enact any regulations regarding the sale or taxation in the state. 

The state is planning on taxing cannabis sales at a 20% rate. Vermont’s Joint Fiscal Office has estimated that, given three years, marijuana sales would produce $20 million in yearly state revenues.

However, the introduction of regulations has been slower than originally scheduled, with the governor being weeks late in appointing a statewide Cannabis Control Board.

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