September 13, 2019

Q&A with Vincent Ayar, Co Founder of Ooze

September 13, 2019
Learn from Vincent Ayar, Co Founder of Ooze, in this interview.

Ooze is a Michigan-based company that was founded on April 1, 2015 with a dedication to creating innovative, reliable vaporizers and other smoking products. The company strives to develop high quality products and within a reasonable price range. Ooze has grown over the years as more states have legalized cannabis and has continued to be successful, even in an emerging and ever changing industry.

Vincent Ayar is the Co Founder of Ooze and has been at the helm of the design and development of the company and their brand since Day 1. We had a chance to catch up with Ayar and learn all about how Ooze got to where they are now and what is next for the company.

The Weed Blog (TWB): Ooze is truly a pioneer in the smoke accessories sector of the cannabis industry. How has the company maintained such high quality products and such a good reputation for so long?

Vincent Ayar (VA): We have been able to maintain our high quality standards for our products because we are extremely hands-on throughout every part of the manufacturing process. While most companies rely on a manufacturer to provide them with a battery that has their company name and branding attached, they have no idea what is actually going on inside the device. We source every single piece that goes into our products to ensure we are putting safe and long-lasting batteries in the hands of our customers.

The reputation of our products is a direct result of the hard work and countless hours that our team members put into making sure customers are satisfied at every step of the process. It takes consistency and the ability to adapt and change with the times. We stand fully behind everything we sell. If you ever run into someone who had an issue with one of our products, they can tell you that we always go the extra mile and do everything in our power to make it right. A good reputation is built on trust and reliability, so when we put that extra effort into our relationship with our customers, we are rewarded with loyal customers for life.

TWB: How has Ooze changed as a company over time?

VA: Ooze has changed dramatically since our inception in 2015. We have grown from a 2,000 sq ft warehouse with essentially just the founding partners as staff, to 42,000 sq ft with over 50 employees. We are looking to hire another 30-40 by the end of this year! We have some of the best employees in the world who all work tirelessly to further our vision. We started with just a handful of products and have evolved into a product line that covers just about anything any smoker could dream of, no matter if they prefer flower or concentrates.

TWB: What are some new projects and partnerships that Ooze has in the works?

VA: We’ve just launched a handful of brand new products. First is the Slugger Dabbin Dugout, which is a silicone travel kit for concentrates with a nectar collector. It puts all the dabbing necessities in one compact, unbreakable piece that is ideal for dabbing on the go. We also have the Stack, Trip, and Steamboat that are fun, new variations of one of our best sellers, the Kettle. They are rigs that incorporate glass and silicone together, making them much more durable that your standard glass piece. Each one includes a bowl for flower and a banger for concentrates. You can also use your dab pen with them by simply inserting it into the silicone stem. Lastly, we are currently developing a new vape pen that features a pod system. It will have a feature that has never been seen before, which you’ll just have to wait to learn more about. Needless to say, we are constantly developing, improving and launching new products. All I can say is be on the lookout for the new tricks up our sleeve.

TWB: What advice would you give other companies in the cannabis industry about growing their companies sustainably and maintaining success?

VA: I think the key to success in every industry is reputation. The companies that succeed are the ones that have integrity, are honest, and do business the right way. We have a saying here that it is easy to sell something the first time. The tough part is selling it every time. Without consumer confidence in your brand or product you will never succeed. That is why we value customer service so much and have such a wonderful team in place to cater to whatever a customer may need. You also have to work hard and put the time in. The first dollars we made as a company stayed in the company. That investment has helped us sustain our growth, and spend on R & D and marketing. If we had seen our initial profits as more of a short-term success and taken them for ourselves, we would be nowhere near the position we are in today. A lot of people want to make money immediately, so they start spending right away and living this extravagant lifestyle. I believe there will always be time for that. I’d much rather spend millions down the road than mere thousands today. 


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