October 18, 2018

You’re One of Us, President Trump, Help Us Capitalize off Cannabis

October 18, 2018
“…keep the business here in the U.S. and be able to do business with Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs.” Wait, what?!

Derek Peterson, CEO of California-based Terra Tech, a multi-state cannabis company pleaded to the president in a full-page ad to lift federal restrictions of cannabis before the Canadians leave us in the dust.

“We want to get cannabis into the national narrative because this industry presents the biggest economic opportunity our generation will see from a job-creation and tax-generation perspective,” said Peterson in the Wall Street Journal.

In an attempt to appeal to the narcissism and limited intelligence of the man in the Oval Office, Peterson went on: “The rapidly growing American cannabis industry represents an extraordinary economic opportunity for our country, yet Canada is threatening to deprive American farmers, workers and businesses from the prosperity that rightly belongs within our borders.”

Deprive American farmers, workers and businesses of prosperity? Isn’t that Trump and the GOP’s job? How dare the Canadians usurp it by legalizing recreational cannabis?

The ad goes on to warn the president that, “America is rapidly losing its competitive edge to Canada.” Again, the GOP is already on that.

While we’d love to see the administration de-schedule cannabis, Trump is busy golfing, campaigning or proclaiming easily debunked lies and self-congratulatory exaggerations about the state of the economy as he pushes trade wars with Canada, Mexico, China and Europe.

As his Republican enablers urge Trump to stay focused on the economy, they, and sadly the rest of the country, are in for a terrible shock

The Republicans’ recent hypocrisy on the US deficit was stunning, even for Washington.

When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to blame Medicare for the 17% increase in the deficit rather than the Republicans’ new tax law/gift to the wealthy, a collective howl of anger was heard around the country.

So, good luck Mr. Peterson. We applaud your stamina. Although your stated desire to “…keep the business here in the U.S. and be able to do business with Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs” might not sit too well with the millions of people defrauded by them, including we the people who watched their CEOs make out like bandits as the government bailed them out with our tax dollars. Just sayin’.


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