August 16, 2016

CHARLO’S PLACE | The Canna Catwalk Fusion Fashion Show, Cannabis After Meth Addiction & Canna Latino

August 16, 2016

What do you get when you cross cannabis culture with fashion week? Ana Izquierdo is here to answer that question and share more about the inspiration behind the Canna Catwalk fusion fashion show (

Ana Izquierdo is Colorado cannabis activist who has made it her mission to spread knowledge and information about the benefits of marijuana, after she says cannabis helped to elevate her quality of life following years of meth addiction.

Hear how Ana says cannabis has affected her recovery from a meth addiction.
Learn how you can get involved in Colorado’s first fusion fashion show.


Did you know that in some Spanish communities, smoking cannabis is seen as an activity that will literally cost you an eternity in hell? Seriously. According to Danielle Ceruti De Espinel, founder of Cannalatino, religious condemnation is one of many factors fueling the stigma and fear surrounding the cannabis plant.

Espinel is a Venezuelan cannabis advocate who’s journey in cannabis began while searching for a better alternative to pharmaceuticals for her son, who is living with Autism.

Listen as Danielle shares how cannabis has affected her son’s condition and her own wellbeing.
And see what she is doing to help her community embrace cannabis as medicine.

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