Get High And Laugh At This Guy: Ian Stuart


If Doug Benson and Mitch Hedberg had a baby Ian Stuart would be the result. This guy tells it like it is and then some, he leans on the edge of I shouldn't laugh at this but its funny as hell. Comedically he's the late third cousin of Bill Hicks and honestly I'm telling you check this motherfucker out. Check out his website to get his full routine, like him on Facebook to help blow him up or better yet buy his album and help contribute to the deliquescenty of America for the low low price of 2$.

Ian Stuart

If you can't afford the 2 dollars you can support the cause and a fellow stoner by entering his name in Pandora to listen to h is comedy. Pandora recently bought the album for the the low low price for you to check out. Support marijuana by supporting Ian Stuart.

TWB: How long have you been doing comedy?

IS: I've been doing stand up comedy in clubs since I was 18, so 8 years. I got into performing it by taking a class at a local comedy club while in Highschool, but I've been obsessed with comedy from a much younger age. The first album I bought with my own money was a stand up comedy album. I'd listen to stand up comedy albums and shock-jock radio nonstop when I cam back from school, I'd tape "The Don and Mike Show" on my little stereo and burn out the spools listening to the tapes over and over again. I was always fascinated with what made people laugh- Also, girls like funny- and there was no way I was going to get laid based on my looks.

TWB: Do you have a favorite strain?

IS: I have a lot of favorite strains. I like sativa/indica blends, good hash- just started to get into hash oil. If I was to get specific, I use to get some dank Skunk #7, really dig White-Widow (when it's real White Widow), obviously Sour Diesel- really dug Chocolate Sour D while I was in NYC, got some excellent OG while in Vermont too. The key is to get it off old hippies- they usually know what's up. Anything strong and stinky.

TWB: Favorite way to inhale joints, bongs, vapes, dabs, or i don't inhale but I really like brownies?

IS: I'm a bong-man myself. Throw some ice cubes into the mix and you've got my breakfast. I've got a vape but it doesn't see too much action currently- I like a well rolled joint and will never turn down a blunt session- but give me a two foot bong and you can call it a day. Edibles not so much- I like getting down to business instead of waiting around for something to kick in.

TWB: Any other stuff you would like to add that I forgot?

IS: Other stuff? Just trying to get people to check out the album and website. ($2 while I'm raising funds, but It will be raised to $5 once the physical copies come out) and my

Ian, you're one funny motherfucker. I apologize for my language readers but the inner drunk stoner has to come out for this guy. He's pretty fucking awesome and I hope you laugh at least once due to this guy.