Meet Artist And Rapper: Swindoe


When one thinks of rap, one thinks of California, New York and the Dirty South but Tucson, AZ has game too.


A while back at a party in Tucson this dude walked in with all the swagger of NY but from the Southwest. Dressed in an oversized collared shirt with a painted Cash Clown on it — his name is Swindoe. He’s been part of the southwest hustle for a long time. This bilingual artist rapper produces nothing but quality, check out his track entitled Phony People.

His videos are stories entwined with tracks that are off the hook. His stuff is easy to get high to and possibly make babies. Not new to any game video (you don’t get to stand in front of bails of weed without knowing someone, check out “Huh”) his rhythms and rhymes make you wanna go “Woo woo woooooo”.

The last time I saw him we were smoking my shitty Mexican weed on my porch overlooking Tucson, Az. Now Arizona has gotten medical and he’s gotten a little more bigger, so I’d like to introduce you to Swindoe.

TWB: I really dug your SB10 video, what do you call it?

Swindoe: The track for SB 1070 bill is called Phony People. We actually did that track before the whole immigration lockdown started. It was part of a movie soundtrack called Product 2 that can be viewed at

TWB: How goes the music hustle, you doing shows?

Swindoe: The music game is still going thru a transition; it’s pretty difficult to get constant shows and performances, but I stay on my grind. I have a scheduled release for December.

TWB: You still in Arizona? Have you noticed any change in the weed game from than before? - I could only imagine.

Swindoe: Yeah I'm back in Tucson. The weed game has definitely changed. We are seeing a lot more import from Cali and other parts of the country now, when we use to be a strictly export state. Things will continue to change as we see the legalization and zoning structure take place in the next couple months. I'm still blowing that good!

TWB: What's your Facebook, twitter, webpage, etc...?

Swindoe: You can reach me on ,@Swindoe on twitter and at

TWB: I like the new website. Why the name change (it use to be

Swindoe: My website name changed to reflect my record label name, B.L.K. (Black & Latino Konnected)...I wanted my fans to understand what our mission and vision is.

TWB: Got anything coming up you wanna spread the word about?

Swindoe: I also launched a clothing line, Fingers De Freedom clothing Co. - that is doing very well right now. Keep a eye out for my new release coming in December 2011 and far growing clothing trend Fingers de Freedom!

Hope you like this guy as much as I do. Knowing him personally makes me kind of bias but his clothing line is pretty bad ass to. Each shirt is done personally by an artist own fingers hence the name. Not only is it art but its durable art. Take care Swindoe, next time I'm down there we'll blaze again.