August 29, 2012

Meet Singer/Songwriter Kazmere

August 29, 2012
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Just when I thought there was no hope for the center of America I met a shining star. Glimmering lights only appear in the darkest of places or times and I met one. With a voice resonant of Skylar Grey and the beauty of a model this woman is bound only for greatness.

I was in Boise, Idaho looking for weed (since the Wyoming HP were so kind to take what I had) in a bar where I met Kazmere, she had no weed and tried to obtain some for me but like everybody I bumped into that week they were pro-420 just weren’t having any luck of their own.

Kazmere is young, intelligent, beautiful ambitious singer who is making headways in Boise, Idaho. She’s from the U.S but speaks French as well. Even though she couldn’t hook up the smoke, I got a story to tell about very interesting person.

I would like to introduce The Weed Blog Nation to Kazmere;

TWB: How would you describe your music?
K: Alternative pop. I have a unique sound that I can’t compare my work to because of my voice.

TWB: Who have you opened for?

K: Tech-9,MGK and 33 Deep.

TWB: What was your most exciting show?

K: May 11th 2012, there were 1500 people at the MGK Tech-9 show, it was epic. The fans and performers were all supportive.

TWB: What’s your favorite strain of weed?

K: Captain Kush, Plain Wreck, Train Wreck and Blueberry Yums.

TWB: Are you involved in any of the legalization efforts like H.O.P.E or NORML?

K: I do go to the events and support Facebook pages of those who would love to legalize weed, presently that’s as far as it goes but I would love to be involved more.

TWB: What’s your preferred method of smoking i.e bowl, bong, joint?

K: I prefer a blunt myself, no evidence. You just smoke it all and it taste better to me that way, good to go.

TWB: What else would you like to throw in there?

K: My birthdate is 4/20 1990. I chose the name Kazmere because it’s unique like cashmere I just spell it different and the meaning is more metaphorical representing my look, my voice and my style, all of it.

TWB: Who writes your music?

K: I write all my songs except on the collaborations or when someone pays me.

TWB: How long have you been singing?

K:  I’ve been singing for 6 years. When I smoke I write, that’s when my talents come from within. You can check me out here KAZMERE.COM

Kazmere is an up and coming singer from Boise, Idaho. Check her out on Reverbnation, her remixes on Soundcloud, like her on Facebook, find her on the Indiemusicchannel , or go her website,  when you get a chance. Good luck Kazmere.


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