Miss High Times Contestant Moe Ray AKA 'Vibeauty420'


Interview With Miss High Times Contestant Moe Ray

This week I interviewed 'Miss High Times' contestant Moe Ray, AKA 'Vibeauty420.' Here is a transcript of our conversation:

Q: How did you hear about the 'Miss High Times' competition?

A: First of all, High Times was my first rolling tray! I can remember thinking buds this beautiful can only go hand in hand with a sexy, smart stoner babe like myself. And one day while smoking at Marc Emery's Vapor Lounge in Vancouver I overheard one of his beautiful staff members talking about it so I had to check it out for myself! I live the lifestyle and have the love already, so here I am to compete for the title!

Q: What made you want to be 'Miss High Times?

A: I don't mean to sound conceited, but I believe I am everything the Miss High Times should be. I am confident that I will represent the title with the highest respect. I am one of the very few female growers, and I am proud to represent both green growers and green gals! I take pride in my crops and respect all my fellow growers. Knowledge and beauty should be the base of a strong Miss High Times, and I've got the curves and the crops to make you all proud! I have been blessed with the ability to grow my own medicine and being that I live in Beautiful British Columbia, I have been taught by and continue to learn from some of the world's best growers! Smoking isn't a pass time for me - it is a ritual and a way of life. It connects me to my spiritual side & I am a proud smoker who knows there is nothing unethical about it and there should be nothing illegal about it either! I promise to respect the title of Miss High Times and hope to be the best of all time!

Q: If you won, how would you celebrate?

First of all I would thank High Times for the opportunity & to all my Friends and Fans. It feels weird to say fans, but since I have started running, I have been meeting people from all over the world! I LOVE IT! People in Greece asking me for grow tips or stoners in Siberia wanting to learn about genetics have helped me make new friends all over the world! I even have fans that do not speak English but support me daily, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. That is love and it's ALL about the love, so to celebrate, I'm going to show my love by rolling my stash of my favorite crons, Purple, Kush, God, and every tasty treat available! I am going to roll it, smoke it, and share it with you all! Also, if I win, I cannot wait to celebrate and smoke up with all the other beautiful babes in the competition - there are no losers when it comes to Miss High Times because we are all in it together! I love how this is bringing me closer to such smokin' stoner vixens!!

Q: When did you enter the competition?

A: I signed up on Valentine's Day of 2010. My love of herb brought me to this competition on the day of love, so it seems perfect! I am so proud to be in the top ten already , and all your support makes me feel so good!

Q: When does the competition end?

A: It keeps going & anyone can join! That is the best part! I love seeing so many cool stoner girls out there just like me! My goal is to get into the competition to compete for the title. With your monthly votes and comments, support, and love, you can take me into the finals. At the end of the month, all the votes are wiped out, and we start all over, so please support me until the end. Your friendships are forever!

Q: How do people vote?

A: You start by visiting http://www.misshightimes.com! Check out the top ten girls, and I am hopefully in there! As of right now, I am sitting in 8th place, and it's truly an honor to be amongst the top ten beauties. I try to update my photos as often as possible as well as write in my blog. I truly love the feedback from everyone good or bad, so please give it to me straight! Check out my photos, and if you like what you see, you can rate me 10s - being the Highest (which I prefer to be!). You can vote every 24hrs, and give me a full 50 points! The whole site is a lot of fun - there are so many good looking people all fighting for the same thing: legalization or decriminalization of our sacred herb! Oh, and, of course, the love of High Times!

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: Good question! I think that I will leave that up to the readers because I could tell you anything you want to hear, and that's just too easy. I am one with my herb, and I use it in every way possible way. I produce it, I consume it, and I am made up of herb. I respect it on a much higher level than most (just like most of you), and I truly appreciate its beauty in all forms - from the beginning stage of seed right through to the finished sticky-stinky green buds. I understand the love and frustrations that come along with growing marijuana, and growing for myself has taken me to a whole new level of a connection with the plant. I have respect for every stage and the process to create such a beautiful plant. I can't think of a better way to celebrate a natural female plant than with a natural female body then display them together in High Times! It is our future as long as we keep the fight strong! Get to know me through Miss High Times, check me out on Facebook, and then you decide!

Q: What is your favorite way to consume marijuana?

A: Smoking it is definitely my favorite, and I am a classic kind of girl, so I would have to say sparking up a fat spliff is my favorite way to consume. I have always been known for my over-sized joints, even my Rasta friends have commented on my size "That's One Big Bob Marley!" That said, I enjoy smoking in all forms. Being that I now have my Medical License, Health Canada highly suggests I use a Volcano for a clean smoke, and also they push more for you to consume it by eating it, which in my eyes, is a whole new kind of high - more of a body stone. I also enjoy using any products made from THC or derived from cannabis, such as my favorite healing lotion from New Aged Medical Solutions! I love to wear clothing that is made of hemp fibers; I feel we need to switch from using cotton to hemp! Another way I enjoy is through Hemp seed products! Taste's so yummy and they are unbelievably good for you! I try to use the plant in all forms and I have heard many studies say cannabis helps prevent breast cancer and protects luscious breasts!

Q: How do you feel about marijuana legalization?

A: The right to herb is a natural right; laws against it are laws against nature. It has been a long time coming, and I am truly proud of how far Canada has come. We need to be able to use marijuana to heal. Bob Marley said the healing of a nation - herb like fruit- keep you healthy, mind clear. So why can't our government clear their collective mind to see that the truly harmful drugs out there are nicotine and alcohol, and if it's a cut they need in order to make it legal then it's time to play "let's make a deal." I feel strongly about legalization because I lived a life afraid to admit I found a cure better than the doctors. I suffer from an extreme uterus disease, which since the age of 13 have been prescribed enough strong heavy pain killers to numb the minds of a herd of elephants. A young girl rolling around with a bag full of morphine in the zombie state of mind drooling on herself is better than allowing her to smoke a joint and continue on with her day in a normal way? I don't get it. I called my government and told them they sent me the paper work and my doctor agreed enough is enough, but me having my license is not enough, there are people out there suffering and are worse off than I am. They still have no relief - that is where I get more passion to fight harder for what is right! Weed needs to be available to all, but in the right ways. It's the growers who steal power and dump their unwanted materials that make it harder for the rest of us in the battle for legalization, so, please set a good example! Sign up and fight, join an awareness club! Spread the word! It's not only about legalizing so we can use marijuana as medicine, but also for the uses of hemp that could change the way everyone lives! Sigh. I haven't even mentioned the toll of gangs, violence, and irrational spending caused by the war on drugs. Anyway, it comes down to this: LEGALIZE!!!

Q: Do you think Canada will legalize marijuana?

A: Personally, I think we're on the right path being that we are fairly fortunate with our laws and their implementation as it stands now. But I don't see full legalization happening until other places make the move first - namely, the United States. When I think of legalizing marijuana, I think of dominoes; once it starts, there's no stopping.

Q: What is the best marijuana that you have ever smoked (strain and location)?

A: Purple Skunk is by far my favorite strain. If you have come across it, you will know why. I enjoy Indicas too, but I am a real Kush girl at heart! I'd have to say the best locations have been global while traveling. I have been blessed to smoke some fine herbs on the beaches of Oahu, or smoke amongst the seedlings in Jamaica!!! Every time I travel, the universe brings me closer to new friends who all share ONE love and MANY buds!

Q: What is the best way to follow you through the competition (i.e. --- high times page, facebook page, etc.)?

A: I hope to be in the top ten with your support throughout the competition, so you can start there on the High Times site. Be sure to join & share my Facebook group "Moe 4 Miss High Times 2010" with your friends and family. I truly look forward to speaking with everyone who takes interest and I will take the time! I love learning more through others and enjoy sharing my experiences!

Q: Is there ANYTHING more that readers can do to make you the next Miss High Times?

A: Show me love by telling everyone you know. Word of mouth is the best support (and, of course, rating me 10s daily and leaving me comments)! Any chance you get to smoke, you should say "Vibeauty420 or Moe is the next Miss High Times 2010 and we should vote for her!" Then after do just that! Tell High Times you want to see me in the magazine, and I promise I will not let you down! I will deliver nothing but satisfaction to all High Times Viewers and Readers! THANK YOU!!!

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