February 15, 2010

‘Miss High Times’ Contestant Shanon – aka Blonde Bombshell

February 15, 2010

Interview With Miss High Times Contestant Shanon

THE Weed Blog is fully endorsing Shanon, aka Blonde Bombshell, to be the next ‘Miss High Times.’ Click on the link below, and vote EVERYDAY. Here is a transcript of a Q and A session we had over the weekend:

Q: What is the ‘Miss High Times’ competition?

A: It’s a competition for cool, sexy, sweet, hot, fun stoner chicks who love to party, support the legalization movement, and are living the HIGH TIMES lifestyle and want to take it to the HIGHEST level! Every month there is a new finalist and every year a New Miss High Times is crowned!

Q: What made you want to be ‘Miss High Times?

A: Well because I am a cool, sexy, sweet, hot, fun stoner chick. I’m down to earth and I love meeting new people who love what I love. I love mary and all the great things she has done for so many people worldwide. Being Miss High Times would be like the best dream come true for a stoner girl like myself.

Q: If you won, how would you celebrate?

A: I would celebrate by smoking out as many friends, family, and fellow Miss High Times contestants as I could.

Q: When does the competition end?

A: There is no deadline for entry. Anyone not chosen as a finalist will remain in the running for next year’s competition.

Q: How do people vote?

A: Well as of today I am in the Top Ten Women and you can go to www.HighTimes.Com and find me there on the first page of women after going to events and clicking Miss High Times. But you can also go directly to my page by following this link https://misshightimes.com/users/sargehart74/ Once you’re in my profile you can click “rate all user images” and you will be able to rate all 5 of my photos a 10 by clicking the red pot leaf with a 10 above it. This way I can get all 50 points. You are allowed to vote once every 24 hours.

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: I want people to vote for me if they think I deserve to be Miss High Times. Read my profile look at my pictures and decide. Get to know me and add me on MySpace. I would also want people to get to know and vote for other girls they think deserve to be Miss High Times too. There are some really great girls on the site. I can see a lot of great friendships forming there. It’s really cool and fun. There are a lot of great photos of girls smoking weed in a variety of ways, girls with plants, freshly trimmed nugs and specially baked treats.

Q: What is your favorite way to consume marijuana?

A: My all time favorite way would have to be a Joint lit by a Phedor. If you don’t own a Phedor yet you have to get one. It eliminates the butane gas toxins and flavor by replacing that with a fully embedded solid one piece electric ceramic heating element. This technique is used by many hookah bars worldwide. The taste is amazing. Plus if you don’t finish a joint and come back to it the taste is so much different than if you had fired it up with a butane lighter.

Q: How do you feel about marijuana legalization?

A: First off I just want to say I think medical marijuana should be available worldwide to anyone who needs it. If you have an aliment and marijuana helps you have a better quality of life you should have the right to use it. Hands Down. I think if alcohol can be legalized so can marijuana. I would hope it could be legalized in a way that our government wouldn’t have total control of it either. It’s a hard thing and there a lot of things to think about and consider.

Q: Do you think Barack Obama will legalize marijuana?

A: No, and I can’t tell you why I just have a gut feeling it won’t happen. But that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. Plus it’s not just Barack Obama. It would take a lot more people than him to make something like this happen. If you are ever trying to find ways you can help with the fight you should go to https://norml.org/ and you can also add NORML as a friend on MySpace. You can also buy a shirt that will donate to the cause. I just got some great shirts from Get your 420 Exchange and 10% of the proceeds are donated to NORML!

Q: What is the best marijuana that you have ever smoked (strain and location)?

A: Living in Nor Cal we can be pretty spoiled when it comes to good herb. I really love Sour Diesel it’s my all time favorite strain. I love a good sativa. It’s a real get up and go kind of high. Like let’s get the heck out of here and go on a hike or let’s cook a nice healthy meal or clean up the house, read a book or write some great poetry.

Q: What is the best way to follow you through the competition (i.e. — high times page, facebook page, etc.)?

A: You can always go directly to High Times. Also my MySpace page is a great place to start getting to know me and I post reminders to go vote for me daily. Plus you can follow the whole competition and look at past winners and finalists by adding The 2010 Miss High Times Pageant as a friend.

Q: Is there ANYTHING more that readers can do to make you the next Miss High Times?

A: If you decide to support me daily thank you so much. I am oh so thankful for all the love and support from all you beautiful smart men and women out there. If you feel like you have to see me in the magazine and that I really truly deserve this write High Times a letter telling them why you think I do. Thank You.



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