May 17, 2011

Smoking Hot Interview With Nessa Lyons

May 17, 2011
Nessa Lyons

Sex sells, who’s buying? I am and so is everyone else (Not just the boys, you sexist pigs) – men aren’t the only ones in strip clubs with ones.

Steven Bloom (of High Times fame) recently wrote an article titled ‘Sexism in the marijuana trade‘. He writes about how High Times magazine and the marijuana movement in general have strayed to a sex sells industry but I contend its always been that way. Marijuana and sex have been taboo words that seem to go hand in hand with each other, just like sex and art; but a woman’s sexuality in particular has always been a powerful thing.

Clothed or not, a woman’s self confidence and sexuality always sneaks through. Women have always been a powerful moving force in the world. The vagina has caused more wars and drunken fist fights than anything else I can think of. The feminine has been and is revered by many; even in our own pot smoking world what sex do you want your plant to be?

The sex isn’t always so blatant, kind of like when a politician speaks, you need to pay attention and listen; and sometimes it is. Besides personal time I’ve always had a great respect and admiration for women, hell my mom was one. The ability of a woman to disarm you and alarm you all with the same look is amazing. Intelligent women sell sex everyday whether it’s by showing some boob or smiling – Men will always buy what you’re selling.

I’ve recently encountered one such beauty. She’s a full time promoter, go-go dancer, event planner, journalist, model, and overall a badass of smokin’ hottie, her name is Nessa June Lyons. Nessa’s vivrant energy and personality can be seen right away, as a smoker and entrepreneur she’s bound to go far. We wrote to each other and here’s what transpired.

TWB: Business before pleasure, what is your favorite smoke?

Nessa: Anything sweet and sticky!

TWB: are you a green card holder?

Nessa: Not currently

TWB: So, how long have you been a mayhem model?

Nessa: I’ve been on model mayhem for three years now I think.

TWB: Since promoting is one of your many hats what is involved as one?

Nessa: The biggest part of a promoter’s job is networking. Recognizing the demographic for different events within that network is also important. There is no job too small. Making sure that even just one person who might be interested in the event is reached out to with the information could result in them bringing 3 friends next time, each of whom could bring 3 of their friends the next time, and so on. I promote online, at events and concerts, while I’m working other jobs, and you can thank me for the flyers in your smoke shops and various other places around town. If you really have your heart in it, it comes naturally. I care about the music so I want more people to be exposed to it in a positive, memorable environment.

TWB: How long have you been promoting?

Nessa: I’ve been promoting for about 6 months for electronic music production companies.

TWB: Who are you currently promoting?

Nessa: I promote for a few select production companies in Oregon that I feel maintain quality events with good causes including Flair Productions based out of Portland, Charity Productions based out of Eugene, Reckless Impulse, and Ground Breaking Events, also based out of Portland. You can find information for their events at or from Facebook

TWB: I see that you Go-Go, do you Go-Go at events you promote as well?

Nessa: If I’m booked to go-go an event that also includes my promotions. If I’m going to be performing at a party I want it to be as fun as possible, and the more, the merrier! But just because I’m promoting for an event doesn’t mean I’ll be dancing.

TWB: What can you tell me about the documentary you got going on?

Nessa: I came up for the idea for this electronic music documentary about a year ago. I’ve always been really influenced by Penelope Spheeris. She’s known for directing Wayne’s World, but her other documentary projects like The Decline of Western Civilization parts 1, 2, and 3 spoke to me a little more. Her demographic is the rock, punk, and metal scene, which was also mine before I sold what was left of my soul after that to electronic music. Watching her films made me understand it’s a documentarian’s job to show something as they interpret it. The way I interpret this surge of popularity in the electronic music scene is different from most people…I’d reveal more but it’s still in it’s beginning stages and I have a lot on my plate right now. The ideas for this project are in my head every day, and I’ve started some filming with some friends, but I’m going to have to put it on the back burner for awhile to get some bugs worked out.

TWB: What’s the biggest thing you’ve done so far?

Nessa: The biggest thing I’ve done so far? I think that’s still in the works and slightly under wraps. I’ve only been involved in the rave scene for a year and a half so all of my projects are still in their beginning stages. Once I feel I have something to show for them, I’ll make sure that word gets spread. What I can reveal though is my collaboration with Flair Productions and others is going to help make the 11th year of Where Life Begins even bigger and better! It’s a big festival, it was my first electronic music event two years ago, and I’m stoked to be a part of it this year.

TWB: What is and how are you involved?

Nessa: is a work in progress. I noticed there was nobody really discussing the issues and events in the Northwest’s EDM scene so I started blogging about it. I’m not sure exactly where I want it to go. For now it’s just a place for my views and ideas. It was just an idea I had. I write everything you’ll find there and I designed the logo and the page.

TWB: Anything else in the mix for you in the music scene?

Nessa: I am currently learning how to spin on vinyl.

TWB: Last but not least, what is your favorite stoner movie?

Nessa: Dazed and Confused

Nessa it’s been a pleasure meeting you, we wish you the best of luck on all your present and future endeavours.

All Images from her Model Mayhem Page:

Nessa Lyons1
Nessa Lyons2
Nessa Lyons3


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