June 11, 2013

710 Cup – How To Enter Your Hash

June 11, 2013
710 cup weedmaps hash extracts marijuana

Marijuana extracts are extremely popular right now, and growing in popularity everyday. Do they have extracts in your area? Whether you call it hash, dabs, or something else, how popular is it in your area? Do you prefer it to smoking flower? Have you been looking for an event dedicated to extracts? Well than look no further because the 710 Cup is coming up soon.

Are you an extract maker? Do you feel that your extracts are the best around? If so, you should consider entering your extracts into the 710 Cup. Below is a quote from legendary Gil of Weedmaps, along with a video of how to enter:

“The 710 Cup is coming soon and many of you Extract Artists are wondering how you can enter YOUR own extracts into the mix! This video breaks down how it’s all going to work. See you at 710 Cup! Peace – Gil”


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