September 12, 2012

A List Of The Winners Of The Last 25 High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cups

September 12, 2012
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Winners Of The Last 25 High Times Cannabis Cups In Amsterdam

As Amsterdam has been in the news most recently regarding one of their greater sources of income, primarily marijuana tourists, many are scratching their heads and asking the question, ‘Is it still legal for tourists to go into ‘coffeeshops’ and fire up? Or – have the politicians already made it so that tourists can no longer smoke pot in Amsterdam?’ The short answer, to that long question – is absolutely yes, tourists are still allowed in Amsterdam coffeeshops… at least until 2013.

Since the annual High Times Cannabis Cup has been a major event for Amsterdam economy for the last 25 years, many within the marijuana community are fearful that the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup could well be the last ‘Cup’ held in the host city of Amsterdam.

As many ponder the fate of one of Amsterdam’s most noted revenue sources, the dank and pungent coffeeshops which dish out deals on the chronic, I would like to take this opportunity to look back at the past 25 years of the sticky-icky winners of the High Times Cannabis Cups.

1988 - Skunk bud # 1, Grower: Cultivators choice

1989 - Early Pearl/skunk #1 x northern lights # 5 / Hazes, Grower:  The seed bank

1990 - Northern lights # 5, the seed bank

1991 - Skunk, free city

1992 - Haze x skunk # 1, homegrown fantasy

1993 – Haze x northern lights # 5, Sensi seed bank

1994 - Jack Herer, Sensi seed bank

1995 - White widow, the greenhouse

1996 - White Russian, De Dampkring

1997 - Peacemaker, De Dampkring

1998 – Super Silver haze, the greenhouse

1999 – Super Silver haze, the greenhouse

2000 - Blueberry, the noon

2001 - Sweet tooth, Barney’s

2002 - Morning glory, Barney’s

2003 - Hawaiian Snow, the greenhouse

2004 - Amnesia haze, Barney’s

2005 - Willie Nelson, Barney’s

2006 - Arjan’s ultra haze, the greenhouse

2007 - G -13, Barney’s

2008 - Super lemon haze, the greenhouse

2009 – Super lemon haze, the greenhouse

2010 - Tangerine dream, Barney’s

2011 – Liberty Haze, Barney’s

…. 2012, well that’s going to be up to you.

The wietpas policy is scheduled to go into full bloom within the Netherlands in late spring of 2013.

The new wietpas would make as a requirement of doing business, all Coffeeshops to change their current business model; thereby changing from a public brick and mortar storefront, to a private social club for pot smokers. In order for residents of the Netherlands to obtain their wietpas they must first register with the government, providing name, address and other vital information that most would not care to give out to anybody let alone the government.



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