July 9, 2013

America’s First Dab Festival The 710 Cup Needs Volunteers

July 9, 2013
710 cup weedmaps hash extracts marijuana

710 cup weedmaps hash extracts marijuanaBy Barry Poppins

Denver (and the world’s) first ever formal celebration of cannabis concentrates and the wonderful Dab Life takes place this  week. Yes, it’s almost time for the inaugural The 710 Cup. Beginning on Wednesday with the Dabs of Denver kickoff and continuing all through the weekend, The 710 Cup appears primed to become an annual event unlike any other this world has seen.

While tickets are still available, there’s great news for those who can’t afford one: you can attend the event for free! By signing up to volunteer for the cup, you’ll not only get to take in the soon to be legendary event, but you’ll also become a very integral part of it. Given that it’s a 3 day+ event, you’ll still have plenty time to get your dab on in between volunteer shifts. Full information right here:

-$15 GRC gift card
-includes 2 day pass + access to all late nights ($120 value)

The 710 Cup
July 12-14, 2013
Denver, CO

Full Volunteer Info: https://the710cup.festivol.net

The volunteer application for The 710 Cup is now live.  If you haven’t done so yet, please take a few minutes to complete the application.  We review all applications within 24 hours and will send an official confirmation email once you’ve been accepted.  Once accepted, you will also receive additional instructions regarding picking up your 2-day pass, what to wear, volunteer check-in location, and your shift time.

All shifts are around 6 hours each.  You will be asked to select your three top preferences in areas where you would like to work.  We try our best to match people up with their requested positions but it isn’t always possible to accommodate every request.  We thank you in advance for being flexible and understanding.

If you have any questions, please email us.  We thank you for your interest in helping with this great, new event.  And we look forward to seeing you this coming weekend!

It’s going to be an (extended) weekend for the record books, and, if they kept track of these kind of records, you can pretty much guarantee Denver, Colorado will set a Guinness World Record for most dabs in a weekend. Here’s the entire weekend schedule and if you’re in town on Wednesday, don’t forget to hit up the Dabs of Denver event.

710 Cup Denver dabs


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