Attend Cannastock 2015 In Kentucky


A reader brought to my attention a very fun event in Kentucky. If you are in the area, I suggest you check it out. Below is more information via the event's Facebook page:

cannastock 2015

Cannastock is a free admission, 3day, Cannabis Awareness music festival.

The festival can not encourage, endorse, or condone any illegal activity.
Everyone will be required to sign a enter at your own risk agreement. That will also give everyone a free trial as a Kentuckians for Cannabis Reform(K.C.R.) member. As Cannastock will be a private event for K.C.R. members. The agreement will also include that you recognize the festival can not endorse, condone, or encourage any illegal activity.

This festival is a Cannabis awareness event. Meant to bring awareness to the real facts about Cannabis.
To bring awareness to the fact there are many of us in favor of Cannabis reform, and from all walks of life.
That Cannabis is not the stereo typed dark world, it has gotten the bad wrap for.

The Cannastock festival is a free general admission event.

The VIP's/Vendors, and parking fee is how we pay the bills.
We keep the bills lower, by getting equipment loans, and deals on services.

The performers are donating their time, money, and effort. All to bring awareness to Cannabis reform, and to support their fans in tis effort.
The performers are supporting their fans, at a time when as much support possible is needed. So do buy their promotional merchandise, and or donate some gas money to them. Let's show them we appreciate their support.
The musicians of the world holds greater power than they sometimes realize. They have the power to inspire us all. To do more things we need to do. To do better at things we need to do better. They can also sooth our souls when needed. They also have the power to give us courage to speak up!

The staff/security is all volunteers, and are people giving of themselves. Please show them your kindness and appreciation, for their selfless giving. Help them by picking up after yourself, and following their directions. Also please donating some of your time to the festival is greatly appreciated.

Last 2 years we had people from all walks of life. Every age(over 18), and every religion, race, sexual preference, sex, liberals, conservatives, public officials, and my favorite, three little Senior ladies. The ladies were local to the area. You could tell they was regular, Sunday morning, church going, bible belt, ladies. Just like many of your grandmothers.
Those ladies had a great time, and was probably there first time ever attended something like Cannastock. But they enjoyed themselves, as much as anyone else did. I know we changed many minds that weekend in Ky. I know there was many, who came to find something to talk about. But they stayed, because they seen we are just like everyone else. They wasn't afraid, because they was respected, and accepted. They, us, everyone was having a great time.

A free admission festival, with no government, or corporate sponsor is a difficult task alone. But with the system we have for Cannastock works out well.

Below is a bit about the system. Please read through it completely. If you have questions, please ask. But please do not ask for permission to break any laws.

We don't allow weapons, as it is a peaceful festival.

We don't allow anyone under 18. If we did, we would have more issues. Also if the person is under 18. Then their parents still have the right to decide on how, what, and when the child learns about Cannabis. Myself being a father, I honor parent rights.

We do not allow any pets. The staff is volunteers, and pets create more work. Animals also increase liabilities. So we do not allow pets. Please leave them at home.

We can not endorse, condone, or encourage any illegal activity. We can't because it is against the law for us to do so. If you do participate in any illegal activity, you are doing so entirely at your own risk.

Everyone must have ID, sign a enter at your own risk agreement, and receive a free trial membership to Kentuckians for Cannabis Reform(K.C.R.). The trial membership allows Cannastock to be considered a private event.

If we have trouble with an individual for violence, bringing weapons, or any illegal/unauthorized selling of items during the festival. That individual will be forever banned from attending another Cannastock.

I hope you brave these rules, and try the festival out yourself. You will most likely be the same as everyone was the previous years. Having a weekend you will always remember.

Thank you or you continued Cannabis support ,'-) pPp Aihoooooooo

Subject to change if the festival has the need to do so

Where: Loves Branch Democrat, Kentucky 41858

When: July 31 - August 2 Jul 31 at 9:00am to Aug 2 at 12:00pm in EDT