Author Of 'Hemp Bound' And 'Too High To Fail' At Powell's In Portland Tomorrow


Bestselling comedic investigative author Doug Fine will bring his unique style to Powell's City of Books at 1005 W. Burnside Street in downtown Portland, Oregon, this Sunday from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm. Doug will be discussing Hemp Bound, a two-year investigation into our desperate need to end hemp prohibition. Hemp Bound is a follow-up to Too High to Fail, a previous investigative journey where Doug embedded himself with medical cannabis cultivators in California, demonstrating the sustainable economic revolution that is now emerging into the mainstream, despite the prohibitionary policies and obstacles that have stood in the way.

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Willie Nelson himself has praised the book, stating , "The benefits are too many to name, but if hemp was a crop that could be monopolized by industrial Ag corporations it would already be legal. Hemp Bound tells us with detail and humor how to get to the environmental Promised Land. Doug has created a blueprint for the America of the future."

The Portland live event and slide show about how we can bring hemp back to humanity in a way that provides food, climate change mitigation, distributed energy and a broad array of industrial applications is one that should not be missed. Missing out on the benefits of hemp production has been an unfortunate policy decision that has hurt farmers, entrepreneurs and our environment. Hopefully, the entertaining style of Doug Fine and the tireless advocacy of activists across the globe will help the United States and other countries finally utilize such a useful plant that has the ability to be a sustainable, multi-billion dollar industry.

Washington folks can see Doug in Bellingham on the 29th and Seattle the 30th. Check back with Doug's event calendar to see when he may be speaking in your area.

Source: International Cannabis Business Conference