October 29, 2015

Autumn Roast Recap- A High Class Event

October 29, 2015
autumn roast a high vent portland marijuana
autumn roast a high vent portland marijuana
(pumpkin carved by Fresh Connection, photo by Jen Hudyma)

I attended the Autumn Roast this past weekend, a celebration of the harvest season and all the delicious goodness that comes with it. The first in a series of High Class Events to be put on by Freedom Fighter Farms, Autumn Roast was a 21+ gathering held in NE Portland at Prism House, a private home that doubles as a cannabis friendly event space. It was heartwarming to see members of the local cannabis community gathering to take a break from the craziness of Croptober and celebrate our new ability to legally consume cannabis in a safe and responsible way. A portion of the proceeds from this event went to help provide medicine like full extract cannabis oil to low income patients in Oregon.

I arrived at the house to find a beautiful dinner table set up in the side yard next to a custom made outdoor bar serving the party’s signature cocktail- a delicious, gingery drink that you could add tincture soaked blueberries and medicated tincture to if you so desired. Upon walking into the house and checking in, I received a lovely gift bag with some treats from the sponsors. There were flower samples from Fresh Connections and Thcf Clinics, a custom blend of terpene oil from Titrate that can be added to a vaporizer or dropped into pipe water as flavoring, and a coupon for a discount at Gandalf’s Smoke Shop. I meandered through the house checking out my options, and this 100 year old house has some serious room for activities. In the dining room there were delicious appetizers that were almost too pretty to eat… but who are we kidding, I did a loop through the upstairs dab samples and then I dug right into the beet hummus, veggies and chicken satay. It was scrumptious. There were a variety of consumption rooms throughout the upper 2 floors of the house, with dab samples from True North Extracts, Ganja Jon, and Fresh Connection, terpene enriched vape pen samples from Titrate, and another room just to relax in.

Dinner was butternut squash mac and cheese, salad, veggies and chicken provided by Chef Jennifer Tyler of Panacea Valley Gourmet Edibles, and Samantha Montanaro of Prism House, who also grew several of the ingredients used in the Prism House gardens. There were medicated cupcakes for dessert that were to die for, as well as chocolate fondue and medicated cake pops supplied by Fresh Connections. After dinner entertainment was provided by comedian Ngaio Bealum and performer Charlie Brown, who dazzled everyone with feats of balance, coordination, and fire juggling by the light of the fire pit. To wrap up the night there was some lovely cello music by Aaron Wagner, and then the cabs, Lyfts and Ubers began pulling up to the house. After attending several cannabis friendly events like this in the last few months, I want to emphasize how responsible and respectful everyone I have seen in attendance has been. There seem to always be people who are relatively new to cannabis consumption, and each person I have seen consume for the first, or one of the first times ever, has approached cannabis with respect and a childlike curiosity that’s refreshing and fun to see.

I’m looking forward to the next High Class Event, and you can check in with their Facebook page to keep up on what that will be. This Saturday (which is Halloween, for those of you who have been so busy trimming that you forgot what’s going on in the world) there will be a Ganja and Ghouls party at Prism House, and you can check the event Facebook page for more details on that event.


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