March 27, 2016

Cooking With Cannabis Live Stream Event Coming To Facebook

March 27, 2016
cooking with cannabis

cooking with cannabisMarijuana edibles are very, very popular. Talk to any dispensary owner and they will be quick to tell you that. For that matter, ask most cannabis consumers and they will tell you that! I know I love edibles. But there is one problem – I’m not that savvy in the kitchen. The passion and desire is definitely there, but I often don’t know where to begin. I have my butter recipe locked in, but that’s usually where I hand the process off to someone else.

There is a live stream event coming to Facebook, which I am absolutely going to check out. The event will have edible experts participating, and since it’s an online event, you can participate from the privacy of your own home. Also, since it’s on Facebook, participants can post questions and comments while the event is taking place, which should lead to some great interactions. As a newbie edible maker, I’m sure there will be questions asked by more experienced people that newbies wouldn’t have even thought about.

There are a handful of people that I know that refuse to smoke cannabis, but are open to consuming edibles. I’m using this as an opportunity to get these people educated in a very efficient way. If you know people that fit that description, invite them to check out the event. Also, if you know people that just want to learn more about edibles, for whatever reason, this event is a great thing to let them know about. The event will take place on April 14th. You can sign up for it on Facebook, at this link here. Below is more information about the event, via the event’s page:

“Join us for a live stream event on and learn about edibles from industry experts. You’ll learn about how your body processes cannabis in edible form and how to enjoy it responsibly.”


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