Detroit Event Offers Fun For Medical Marijuana Supporters


Sander's Confections. Kresge Department Stores. These are the names of Michigan's pioneer retail outlets, and Michiganders can relive those early times by visiting the Detroit Historical Museum's "Streets of Old Detroit" exhibit during a fundraiser for the National Patients Rights Association.

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The event is called a Summer Gala and is being hosted by the Detroit Medical Cannabis Guild. Members of the Guild and the Association are inviting the patients, caregivers and supporters that form the backbone of their organizations to the Summer Gala to show support for the NPRA's lobbying efforts in Lansing and the opportunity to hear directly from industry and political leaders.

The "Streets" exhibit is several blocks of cobblestone streets that wind through a recreation of the storefronts and product lines that made a name for themselves across the Great Lakes State in the 1900's. The exhibit is the signature piece in the Museum's collection and it has received praise and attention internationally. Gala attendees can enjoy drinks, live music and hors d'oeuvres from Detroit's own Edible Rex while strolling through the exhibit in their evening attire. Guest speakers include NPRA lobbyist Kevin McKinney, State Representative Michael Callton and Candidate for State Representative Fred Durhal III.

The NPRA is supported by DMCG and many others to push for the final passage of a pair of bills in Michigan's legislature. The legislation would create protections for medical marijuana distribution centers- referred to as 'Provisioning Centers'- and restore the legally protected status for patients relying on non-smokable forms of medical marijuana products. The Summer Gala is the first National Patients Rights Association event held in the City of Detroit and they are thrilled to be adding many Detroit based organizations to their long list of supporters.

Tickets are available in advance for the Summer Gala, or they can be purchased at the door. Details on the event are included below. Please bring a non-perishable food item to help kick start the DMCG summer Food Drive.

The NPRA's '"Streets of Old Detroit" Summer Gala':

July 11 7pm - 11pm

Detroit Historical Museum  5401 Woodward Avenue Detroit

RSVP: 1-855-444-NPRA Tickets: $100 per person, Business and Executive Host sponsorships are available. Call for details.

Please make checks payable to: National Patients Rights Association. Evening Attire is required

Source: TheCompassionChronicles.Com