March 14, 2016

Meet ‘Uncle Spliffy’ At The Blazers vs Nugs Game

March 14, 2016
blazers nuggets marijuana

blazers nuggets marijuanaI was passed along an event that I am particularly excited about. If you are not a basketball fan, then maybe you won’t be as excited. However, if you are a basketball fan, a marijuana fan, AND live in the Pacific Northwest, then I’m sure you will be just as excited as I am. The SuperChronic Cafe is putting on a VIP event as part of the basketball game between the Portland Trailblazers and the Denver Nuggets. This is my favorite match up in the NBA because people always bring shirts and signs to the game that say ‘Blaze those Nuggets!.’ There was one segment on the jumbo tron at one of the games where they kept putting people holding those signs on the screen, the crowd went absolutely wild with each one, all culminating with someone wearing a ‘I blaze Nuggets’ shirt on and the crowd absolutely lost it. I love Portland.

Not only do I love Portland, but I also love me some Cliff ‘Uncle Spliffy’ Robinson, who is supposed to be in attendance for the VIP event! You can get your tickets at this link here. Realize that seats are limited, so get those tickets asap if this is something that you are into. Below is more information about the event that was passed along to me:

In keeping with the “Active Cannabis Lifestyle” theme, The SuperChronic Cafe has created a new movement- The Health Conscience (THC) with High Standards; Part of this involves retired professional athlete Cliff Robinson, AKA “Uncle Cliffy” highlighting Cannabis’ properties to rehabilitate injuries, recover from intensive exercise and provide an ability to live an active lifestyle.

Join us at the Moda Center in a private suite with retired NBA star Cliff Robinson. This is an opportunity to normalize cannabis in a professional setting, while promoting an ‪Active Cannabis Lifestyle‬.

The SuperChronic Cafe is Hosting
Blazers VS Nugs
Meet Cliff Robinson ‪”Uncle Spliffy‬”
Private NBA Suite at Moda Center for Trailblazers VS Nuggets (personal bartender/ private bathroom/ 5-course appetizers)

Pre-Party Refuge Pdx (VIP Access)
Swag Bag ($1,000 Value)

Sponsors, Vendors, VIPS Join ESPN, Fox News, High Times, NW Leaf, Dope Magazine, Culture, Willamette Weekly, Bloomberg Asia, London AP, Asashi Shinbun, CNBC, CNN Money & More! Get your tickets at our Facebook page @SuperChronic Cafe

blazers nuggets uncle spliffy marijuana


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