March 12, 2013

Perform At The 2013 Seattle Hempfest

March 12, 2013
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Seattle HempfestBelow is information about how to be a performer at the 2013 Seattle Hempfest. I have never been to the Hempfest in Seattle, and I’m hoping to make my first trip there this year. I hear it is nothing short of epic. I hope to see you there!

Submissions are OPEN for consideration to perform on one of the 6 stages at the 2013 Seattle Hempfest. Please read the entire page below for instructions on how to get your act reviewed for consideration to perform at the world’s largest annual cannabis gathering.

How Does Your Band Play Hempfest? There are two ways.

Way #1:

Please read this page thoroughly for information on how to submit your material for consideration to be a performer at Seattle Hempfest 2013.

Over 600 acts submitted to perform at Hempfest 2013. To have your act considered to perform at Hempfest you just click HERE

Seattle Hempfest has teamed up with SONICBIDS which uses digital technology to eliminate the materials needed to submit acts to booking agents/events. New to Sonicbids? Sign up to submit your band to Seattle Hempfest and get a free trial, plus 25 “Tokens” to submit to 25 Token Gig Listings at no additional cost. Previous Sonicbids members can reactivate their membership for only $1!

Sonicbids is easy to use. A performer creates an account with Sonicbids for a small fee, and then uploads all demo package information. The cost of submitting is roughly the cost of over-head required to mail out a CD, jewel case, folder, photo, bio, with postage, etc. It is cleaner and greener, easier and faster. Sonicbids splits each submission fee with Hempfest, and Hempfest passes its half onto the Entertainment Committee to reimburse bands for travel expenses if they are coming from far away.

Sonicbids is another step in Seattle Hempfest’s desire to lessen our carbon footprint. This helps us evolve into a more green, more eco-friendly steward of the planet. Hempfest makes a big impact, and we ask you to join us in reducing waste and conserving resources by digitally submitting your demo package. The cost is roughly the same.

Once again, you can click on the logo above, or you can use this link to enter your act into consideration for the 2013 Seattle Hempfest.

Scroll down for more info on Sonicbids pricing and memberships.

Way #2.

We greatly prefer an electronic press kit via Sonicbids because it is more environmentally conscious and is easier for us to manage, but bands can still submit via snail-mail by sending hard copy submissions to: Hempfest Entertainment PO 95650 Sea WA 98145-2650.

We reviewed over 600 acts for 2010, around 700 for 2009, and over 600 in 2011 and 2012. We thank all of the acts who submit each year. We simply do not have enough slots to book all the acts that we’d like to

More on Sonic Bids:

Sonicbids is the leading matchmaking site for emerging bands and music promoters. Since its launch in 2001, Sonicbids has become the de-facto standard for submitting music to events and opportunities around the globe, counting as partners thousands of prominent events and festivals in North America, Europe, and Australia. Today, the Company boasts a registered membership base of 325,000 bands from over 100 different countries, who use the site daily to connect with 25,000 music “promoters” – ranging from some of the world’s largest music festivals and music conferences, to clubs, coffee houses, cruise ships, colleges, advertising agencies, brand managers, podcasters, music supervisors and other people looking to book, license or broadcast music. In 2010, bands and artists using Sonicbids booked close to 80,000 “gigs” through the site. Sonicbids’ mission is to empower the Artistic Middle Class. Get a Gig or Book a Band at

Sonicbids is a Social Music Marketing platform that connects bands, promoters, consumer brands and music fans. Sonicbids was launched in 2001 with a basic mission: great music should always find an audience. It has since grown into a global marketing platform connecting more than 350,000 bands with 26,000 promoters from over 100 different countries with an aggregate reach of 100 million socially connected music fans.

Sonicbids is the online launching pad for many of today’s hot artists and has exclusive partnerships with many taste-making events and consumer brands like South By Southwest, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, CMJ Music Marathon, Red Bull, Marriott Hotels and DieselIndustry.

New to Sonicbids? Sign up to submit your band to Seattle Hempfest and get a free trial, plus 25 “Tokens” to submit to 25 Token Gig Listings at no additional cost. Previous Sonicbids members can reactivate their membership for only $1!

Do bands get paid for playing Hempfest?

Rarely. Staffed completely by volunteers, Hempfest is free to attend and has no admission fee. Therefore most of the 56 plus acts that perform each year do so without compensation, as a contribution to the cause. There are rare exceptions when we pay a top headliner their benefit fee. Otherwise, the Entertainment Crew operates on a shoe-string budget and is limited to offering gas money to performers traveling from afar.

We are working hard to bring in more revenue so we can pay our world class acts that make us so proud, but we’re not there yet. Music is a huge part of any culture, and ours is no exception. We honor the hundreds of bands and thousands of musicians who have contributed to Seattle Hempfest over the years. It is a privilege to work with so many professionals who are passionate about their beliefs. Together we all make Hempfest possible.

What do our past performers have to say about playing Hempfest?

“Absolutely first class as the organizers did such a great job for any size event and even more so on one as large as this. The selection and notification process was smooth, their timely and thorough posting of info and personally responding back to the artists without delay was one of the best I have ever experienced. Once at the gig they were very hospitable, nice back stage accommodations, and their sound and stage crew was the best I have ever experienced.” – Rich Wetzel


“What an awesome bunch of folks. Hospitality was wonderful and the crowd was great too. We had a blast.” – Paradigm Quartet

“As crazy as this event was due to the number of people who showed up, the organizers did a very good job of accomodating us and making sure our performance went as smooth as possible. Additionally, all of the staff were very nice and willing to offer any help we needed.”- Moyra

“Really professional. Treated us well and very organized. Good folks.” – Half Acre Day

“The entire staff of Hempfest was excellent to work with, very accommodating. The event itself was GREAT, huge turn-out, everything in regards to our show went off without a hitch. Very professional group and we would work with them again in a heartbeat. ” – Ockham’s Razor

“Big thank you to the fine folks at Hempfest for putting on such a first-rate festival! Communication was excellent, hospitality was very good, and we were treated just great! It was our pleasure to take part in such a massive event. Thank you Hempfest!” – Shanghai Woolies

We are interested in your feedback. Send your comments to:

Source: Seattle Hempfest


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