Philadelphia Hemp Festival Sells Out Festival Pier


Friday, July 31st 8,000+ people gathered together at Festival Pier for Hemp Heals 4th annual Hemp Heals Music Festival featuring performances from Sublime With Rome, Rebelution, Matisyahu, Mickey Avalon, and Jay D Clark.  During this sold out event attendees' received more than just a great show.  They were also educated on the benefits and uses of the amazing hemp plant by 15 different vendors that were either selling or promoting different hemp based foods and products.

philadelphia marijuana

We asked Riley Cote, founder of Hemp Heals, about the purpose of the event he said, "It's an opportunity to educate, inspire, empower, and show the positivity and usefulness of the cannabis plant in its entirety." When asked why he started Hemp Heals and spreading awareness through this festival Cote said, "Once you kind of stick your head down a couple rabbit holes you understand that cannabis is much more than medical, therapeutical, and recreational. It's industry. It's food, it's fiber, it's textiles, it's oils. I could go on for days with the positive innovation hemp can bring."

During the event we got the chance to talk with some of the vendors and ask them why they were at Hemp Heals Music Festival and why they were supporting this movement. Here is what some of the vendors had to say (complete vendor list here):

  • "I support this hemp movement because from an environmental stand point, the fabric itself is such a better option than cotton because cotton is the most pesticide infested crop and just moving towards a more sustainable way to do things, a better way to do things" - Tim Mounsey, Founder - Cycle Clothing Co.
  • "We actually got a (hemp) bill introduced into the state Senate called SB50 and we got a companion hemp bill in the house called HB967. Back in May we were successful in having a joint hearing between the Senate and the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee and they heard great testimony from hemp farmers from Kentucky and Canada and they're ready to pass this. They were really impressed." - Les Stark, Founder - Keystone Cannabis Coalition
  • "My senior thesis was on the morality of hemp and the more I studied about hemp the more I learned how heinous its probation is because its such a positive beneficial plant with no problems." - Mike Chazuko, Owner-Operator - Hemp Heaven & Outreach Director - Norml New Jersey

About Hemp Heals Foundation: Former Philadelphia Flyer, Riley Cote, formed Hemp Heals with the purpose of spreading education on health and nutrition.  Hemp Heals believes that keeping our bodies nourished with more plant based whole foods, helps to keep our mind, body and spirits healthy.  Also, not only can hemp be used for healing and industrial purposes, but it is also a "mop crop" and can clear impurities out of wastewater, such as sewage effluent, excessive phosphorus from chicken litter, or other unwanted substances or chemicals. Join Hemp Heals in supporting the amazing hemp plant by spreading awareness and education on its true value.