Portland State SSDP: Going Green Event This Friday

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Portland State's Student for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Chapter is hosting an exciting FREE event this Friday from 4pm until 8pm in the Smith Memorial Student Union at 1825 SW Broadway. This event, Going Green: How Hemp Policies Affect The Earth & Its People, is in honor of Earth Week and will help educate attendees how drug prohibition adversely impacts our environment and how we can all help.

At 4pm, in room 230, Russ Belville of 420Radio.org, will explain lessons learned from Oregon's last legalization measure. At 6pm, in room 294, the authors of A New Leaf: The End of Cannabis Prohibition, Alyson Martin and Nushin Rashidian, will discuss their book as well as the opportunities offered by industrial hemp and the corresponding benefits hemp production can have for our environment. At 7pm, representatives from Oregon's cannabis & hemp legalization campaigns will provide an update on the campaigns and let people know how they can help end both cannabis and hemp prohibition in Oregon this November.

The great young SSDP activists should be commended for putting together such a great event and for tirelessly educating students and the general public about the harms of the Drug War. It is hard to balance class and activism (and possibly employment obligations), but these students understand the harmful consequences of prohibition and the fact that the youngest generations suffer the brunt of this harmful policy and will have to be the ones to help bring about new ideas and new policies that will create jobs, generate revenue, better prioritize law enforcement resources and help improve our environment.

portland state ssdp going green event

Source: Oregon Cannabis Industry Association