November 26, 2013

Seattle Cannabis Cup Legalization Panel

November 26, 2013
Legalize Marijuana uruguay

Below is full footage of the Legalization Panel at the 2013 High Times Seattle Cannabis Cup. My favorite part about the panel is when the panelists are asked which state will legalizes marijuana next, and many of the panelists offer up my home state of Oregon. Oregon doesn’t get nearly the backing it deserves, if it did it would have legalized marijuana even before the 2012 election. I’m confident that we will legalize in 2014, and if not, 2016. We will try every year that it takes to keep people from having their lives turned upside down by marijuana prohibition. As long as doors are being kicked in and people are serving jail time in the state of Oregon, marijuana activists will fight for change!

Seattle Cannabis Cup Legalization Panel, including Alison Holcomb, Rick Steves, Pete Holmes, and Vivian McPeak, courtesy of Radical Russ Belville.


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