'The 420 Games' Planned For Golden Gate Park


I have always wanted to see a marijuana based competition. I am a big fan of the movie 'Beer Fest.' At the end of that movie the main characters of the movie run into Willie Nelson who was supposed to be meeting up with Cheech and Chong for 'Weed Fest.' I always thought there would be a follow up movie, complete with marijuana competitions similar to the beer competitions in 'Beer Fest.' Unfortunately a movie like that hasn't been released yet. I was even more hopeful that a real marijuana competition would happen, complete with joint rolling competitions, largest dab hit competitions, etc. Something kind of like that occurred at a fair in Colorado, but it wasn't with actual marijuana.

420 games

'The 420 Games' are coming to Golden Gate Park this weekend. But before you start training for world's biggest bong hit, read the description of the event below, per SF Nation:

Established to set a standard of ethics and protocol for the responsible use of Marijuana. We are equally focused on the prevention of under-age use and treatment for those unable to use Marijuana in a positive manner.

The 420 Games does not advocate that everyone should use marijuana. We are focused on teaching those who choose to do so how to be responsible. We are equally focused on education and prevention for those who should not use marijuana, most importantly minors. We do not endorse the illegal or irresponsible use of marijuana.

"The 420 Games participants are not 'stoners'. While many of us use marijuana, some of us do not use it at all. Our events are NOT 'smoke ins'. If you choose to use marijuana before, during or after our events, please make sure to do so discretely, legally and respectfully. All of us are responsible people who want to change the outlook on marijuana use. We hope you feel our mission and want to join the cause."
Jim McAlpine, Founder of the PRIME Foundation.

I think the event is going to be cool from an awareness standpoint. But still, I'd like to see a competition for marijuana. Kind of like the marijuana Olympics. They say that Australia and parts of Europe smoke more marijuana than America. I want to someday be a part of an American team that proves that theory wrong!