November 17, 2014

The High Times Cannabis Cup Is FINALLY Coming To Portland, Oregon

November 17, 2014
portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary collective delivery

portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary collective deliveryEarlier this year I posted an article begging High Times to consider bringing their Cannabis Cup even to Portland, Oregon. There has never been a marijuana event in the State of Oregon that compares to a Cannabis Cup. That’s not to knock marijuana events in Oregon, because we have had some good ones. However, they never have the caliber of music acts that they do at a Cannabis Cup, among many other things. I stated the following in an article in July of this year:

This is a public plea to High Times to consider bringing the Cup to Portland, Oregon. Oregon is one of the most cannabis friendly states in America. We were the first to decriminalize, the second to pass a medical marijuana law, and in November we will likely legalize marijuana. There is a reason that Jack Herer lived here for so long – Oregon LOVES cannabis. Please, please, PLEASE bring the Cup to Oregon. High Times fans in Oregon, cannabis fans in Oregon, and specifically this weed blogger would love you for it.

Well it appears that Christmas comes early this year, because apparently High Times is planning on having a Cannabis Cup in PDX in July 2015, which is the same time that marijuana legalization goes into effect in Oregon. There are no details released yet, but you can keep up to speed at the High Times Cannabis Cup page for Portland at this link here.

I’m very curious to see what musical acts they bring out, what celebrities attend the event, what panels they have at the event and who’s on those panels. If there’s a legalization panel, obviously Anthony Johnson needs to be on it, and I’d add Lee Berger, Russ Belville, and Jennifer Alexander to that group too if they are looking for suggestions. There’s a booming industry in Oregon, with some award winning hash makers, growers, and edible makers from all over the state. I can’t wait, and if you see me at the event, chances are I’ll have a smile from ear to ear!


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