The Weed Blog Logo Contest


Help Re-Design The Weed Blog's Logo

Who own's TheWeedBlog.Com? That's probably the most frequent question I get at events. When I tell people The Weed Blog is owned by two broke guys from Oregon, they always give me the skeptical look. I can't blame them, because after all, our logo looks similar to WeedMaps and logos of some of their other websites. The quick and short of it is WeedMaps made our logo out of friendship purposes, and since it was superior to the one Jay Smoker and I made, we used it.

When we made the decision in January to switch logos, we didn't realize that it would create the level of confusion that has since come about. I like the people at WeedMaps, and will always consider them to be my friends. However, it's time to get a logo that more accurately captures the fact that The Weed Blog is completely independent. It is currently, and always has been, owned by two guys from Oregon. We don't have resources or corporate backing - we just have a raging passion for marijuana reform, culture, entertainment, and all other things related to marijuana. We have been lucky enough to met some amazing people that have helped us in so many different ways. Add to that a bong, a server, and a couple laptops, and that's what makes up The Weed Blog on the back end. On the front end, we have the most amazing readers on the planet.

We want those amazing readers to know that when they support The Weed Blog, they are supporting the world's largest independent source for marijuana news and information. We can't do it without our readers, and we feel that the marijuana movement can't succeed without independent voices being heard on as large of a platform as possible. That's why we have always offered up our site to any organization large or small, and candidate or campaign, or any individual that is on the ground seeing things that people need to be aware of.

With no more rambling, I officially declare The Weed Blog Logo Contest open. Unfortunately, since Jay Smoker and I are not the most talented artists (zero art skills!), we can't give a lot of direction as to what we are looking for. Simply stated, we will know it when we see it! As stated before, we don't have any resources on hand to give out as a prize, but what we can do is create a page within domain that will live forever, and the winner of the logo contest can feature their other art on that page. Consider it a virtual art gallery :) Also, the winner can experience the warm sensation of knowing that they are helping out hardworking marijuana activists, and that their logo will be seen by millions of people annually. Please send over your submissions via e-mail to,, or THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT OVER THE LAST 2.5 YEARS!!!!!!

A timeline of logos(and more evidence we have zero art skills):

our first logo, sadly

OG logo

our stab at high contrast


not much better, but I was less ashamed

Blog Logo

I don't know what I was thinking..


I was OK with this one, this is what we had until our last switch